Twinpack generator and trackway supplied for remote mobile phone mast in Portsmouth. - Generator Power
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Twinpack generator and trackway supplied for remote mobile phone mast in Portsmouth.

The Challenge

Our customer required a temporary power generator to run a new phone mast in Portsmouth. But site restrictions and very wet ground meant that the generator could not be installed close to the mast.

To allow the mast to be powered from a distance, Generator Power installed a 20kVA twinpack, with acoustic panelling to reduce noise levels, at the bottom of the designated area, connected with a 300m length of cable.

But after residents requested the generator be moved elsewhere, we needed to find a way to relocate the generator and equipment closer to the mast.

The Solution

After consulting with our customer and the site provider, we devised a solution to work around the vehicle access restrictions and move the generator closer to the location of the telephone mast.

It was essential that there was no damage caused to the land, so we installed an access road of aluminium trackway, hired from our sister company Trackway Solutions, which allowed us to relocate the equipment without disturbing the ground underneath.

We supplied a twinpack to provide additional resilience due to the access restrictions of the site. If there were to be any issues with the operating generator, a standby backup set would be ready in place to take over the load and maintain power to the mobile mast. This would also give Generator Power engineers plenty of time to get on site to fix the fault without causing any issues for our customer or the site provider.

And to ensure the hire went as smoothly as possible, we also calculated how much fuel would be required to keep the generator running for the duration of the hire, based on planned running hours. We then supplied three 3,000 litre fuel tanks, as well as all servicing spares needed to maintain the twinpack and all supplied ancillary equipment.

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