Sustainable Alternative for Edinburgh’s Winter Wonderland
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Sustainable Alternative for Edinburgh’s Winter Wonderland

Silent nights achieved with Stage V generator technology

The Challenge

It’s the city’s biggest annual Festive spectacle that draws thousands of visitors from late November through to early January, spread across Edinburgh and involving over 1,000 illuminated installations, rides and market stalls.

And of course, it’s staged during a time of the year when the days are shorter but the technical aspects of powering such a spectacle are as challenging as ever. For our client, Edinburgh City Council, the brief was to install sufficient power and back up power to ensure the 7 days a week event was up and running in all weathers and conditions.

Although this is a big event with a massive power throughput, the client was really keen to make the event as sustainable as possible.

Generator Power’s Green Approach

We specified Atlas Copco Stage 5 generators, which bring with them a whole raft-of eco-friendly features including lower emissions, variable speed cooling fans, smaller footprint (typically 20% smaller than standard models), super silent operation – and lower running costs.

This is why our Stage 5 generators were the perfect choice, especially given their ultra-low noise output – typically 5-8db lower than other generators – which meant they were less intrusive on retailers and residents in and around Princes Street, especially during after-hours operations.

The Result

With a winter event like this, Generator Power’s range of sustainable Stage 5 generators is the perfect solution for providing a constant source of power, with sufficient contingency support should there be additional demand on supply.

For this event we supplied:

  • 2 x 400kva generators
  • 250kva generator on standby in case required.

Generator Power’s Sales Director Simon Ferguson (pictured below) said: “Sustainability is on everyone’s agenda, and rightly so. Even for temporary power solutions, generators need to be smarter, cleaner and more efficient. The variable speed power of this latest range of Stage 5 generators are real game-changers, and they more than proved their worth on this big city centre event. With lower fuel consumption, lower noise and a smaller footprint, you also get lower running costs. What’s not to like?”

Edinburgh's Winter Wonderland


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