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Temporary power to defeat no snow problem for Scottish ski resort.

The Challenge

The Scottish Highlands saw lower than average snowfall at the beginning of the year, causing problems for ski resorts in the area. In order to run their snowmaking systems, our customer contacted Generator Power for a temporary power solution.

The Solution

Our team in Inverness worked closely with our customer to establish exactly what they needed to power and identified the equipment required. We supplied and installed a 500kVA generator to power a containerised snow factory, allowing snow to be made onsite.

We then supplied an additional eight 100kVA generators to provide power to eight TR8 fan guns which distributed the snow across the ski slopes.

The lack of snowfall coming into ski season would have been detrimental to our customer’s business had they been unable to set up snowmaking systems. Working with Generator Power’s local team provided them with the temporary power supply essential to the continued successful running of the resort.

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