Providing power to an East Yorkshire country show. - Generator Power
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Providing power to an East Yorkshire country show.

The Challenge

Our customer was contracted to provide electricity for a large country show in East Yorkshire.

With only a few days to find a temporary power supplier, and 8 different generators needed, they turned to us.

The Solution

There was a lot to power at the event, so we worked with our customer to establish exactly how much was required. We provided them with 2 x 250kVA, 2 x 100kVA, 1 x 60kVA and 3 x 40kVA generators, along with a number of fuel tanks and load cables.

Using 3 HIAB Lorries, we delivered all of the equipment to the showground 2 days ahead of the event. This ensured our customer could connect all of the generators within plenty of time.

To prevent the show being affected by any possible contingencies, we supplied one of our engineers to keep watch on the day of the show, staying on site between 08:00 and 17:00. Having a member of our team on site throughout the event meant that they would be able to identify any potential faults or problems right away to minimise downtime. It also meant that they could prevent any members of the public from getting too close to the generators.

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