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How do you run a recycling business when you’re off-grid?

The Challenge

A specialist tyre recycling company had found their perfect site on an airfield near York. But there was one problem. The site has no electricity at all. This made them entirely reliant on a generator and they couldn’t afford to be without power as they’d lose the revenue from an entire shift. A previous supplier had let them down, so they turned to us to provide the rock solid service they needed.

The Solution

We supplied a 1000kVA generator to power their tyre shredder and a 60kVA generator to power their offices. But it was the quality of our service as much as the quality of our kit that won us the job. Our customer had confidence in our 24/7 call out and knew they could rely on us 100%, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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