Generator Hire For Music Festivals: Creamfields Case Study
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Bringing temporary power to Creamfields.

The Challenge

Our customer is a specialist supplier for live events across the UK and were contracted to provide power for music festival, Creamfields. But with over 70 generators needed to power the event, they came to us for help.

The Solution

There were two sides to the Creamfields power supply with very different requirements: site power and show power.

Site Power

There was a lot to power across the festival site, so we worked closely with our customer to determine exactly what they required.

We needed 70 generators, ranging from 20kVA to 150kVA (along with 69 fuel tanks from 1000 to 3000 litres) to keep the campsite toilets, lighting, concessions, and VIP areas running all weekend long.

We were given a delivery slot of 3 days for all of the equipment needed to power the festival site, but we ran ahead of schedule, getting all the kit on site in just 2 days.

Show Power

For the main show power, we were asked to provide 4 generators to power the main stage and the Warehouse stage. We also supplied the fuel tanks and cables that were required to integrate with Creamfields’ power distribution.

For the festival’s main stage, we provided and installed 2 x 1000kVA generators that were synchronised together to share the load, as well as 2 x 325kVA generators for the Warehouse stage (also synchronised for load sharing).

Our customer (and the festival) needed to be confident that the stage would not lose power at any point over the course of the weekend, so load sharing was put in place to guarantee that should one generator break down or stop for any reason, the other could immediately take over the load and keep the stage up and running.

Although no breakdowns happened, a Generator Power engineer stayed on site for the duration of the festival to ensure there would be someone on hand should they run into any faults with the generator.

And on top of the equipment we supplied for the site and show power, we also provided one of our generators to power the festival’s temporary phone mast.

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