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We’ve Just Supported the Stockton International Riverside Festival

We had an urgent request recently at Generator Power from the organisers of Stockton International Riverside Festival (SIRF). Their request was simple. They asked if we could supply 14 generators at short notice, with delivery to Stockton Town centre as soon as possible to ensure there’d be no shortage of light and power to the event.

As always, we were only too eager to assist, dispatching the required amount of generators to a number of sites in and around the town centre, including 2 x 325kva units, used to loadshare and light the event on the Thursday evening when the event opened to the public.

This was no easy feat. The centre of Stockton has just undergone a million pound makeover, so the last thing council officials wanted was heavy trucks, trundling over their improvement work, causing damage to the surrounding area.

Eagle eyed council officials were on hand to supervise the delivery of the generators and we’re pleased to say the drop off went smoothly without a hitch, our power plants were soon taking up pride of place in a variety of locations around the town.

SIRF 2015 was a runaway success. If you’ve never been before, this annual event incorporates four days of fun, this year it was hosted from Thursday 30th July to Sunday 2nd August.

Spend time at the festival and you’ll discover plenty of activities to keep you amused, themes include street theatre, circus acts, dance and music; it has a real carnival atmosphere!

The generators we supplied for SIRF ran smoothly and efficiently for the entire four days and the organisers were extremely pleased with the outcome. They said this year’s event was fantastic and quite possibly, this was one of the best Stockton Festivals on record.

We’re happy to be associated with this type of occasion at Generator Power, and are just as happy to supply emergency, standby or backup power for any type of public occasion. Please contact us should you require generators at your next event.

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