300 New Battery Storage Units Delivering Portable Power Nationwide!
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300 New Battery Storage Units Delivering Portable Power Nationwide!

Generator Power Invests in 300 new Atlas Copco ZenergiZe Battery Storage Units!

Generator Power has invested in 300 brand new Atlas Copco battery storage units. Managing Director, Steve Cardwell, purchased 200 ZBP 45/75 units and 100 ZBP 15/60 to add a greener shade to our power generation fleet. We unveiled these new battery units with assistance from our friends at Atlas Copco when we attended the Plantworx Construction Exhibition 2023.

Atlas Copco Battery Storage Unit at plantworx construction exhibition 2023

What is Battery Storage and What are the Benefits of Using it?

Battery Storage is the process of generating and storing energy within battery units to transport and use with electrical loads varying in power.

The battery storage units at Generator Power are used to power low load work sites like in telecoms or small construction zones and their different tools and appliances. Battery storage units can come in all shapes and sizes ranging from very small, more portable units, used for hand tools and light appliances to larger units that power heavier load sites for much longer.

Battery storage units come with many green benefits, mainly being that they produce no emissions when powering a load.

Our new battery units:

  • Produce zero noise
  • Reduce generator usage time
  • Can be charged by multiple sources e.g. solar, wind, generator, grid
  • Can parallel with another unit to increase power output and Kwh
  • Quick recharge times
  • Calls for recharge at 10%

Hybrid Power Systems

Another thing that can’t go unnoticed is the possible system combinations that can be utilised with these new units.

We’ve seen great success with our telecoms customers which are using our hybrid generator system, powering their sites with a generator with HVO fuel, a battery unit, which are both secured within our Powersafe containers and a 3 Kw solar array attached to the top of the Powersafe. This combination allows the site to be powered by the solar array, and the battery or by the generator if required.

During the day the solar panels will keep the battery charged, allowing the site to run on green energy. In the instance that the battery depletes to 10% and it can’t be charged by solar, the generator will charge the battery and take over the site load until the battery unit is recharged.

Battery Storage Unit Hybrid Arrays

Save Fuel with Battery Power!

We used the on-board telemetry system on one of our battery units to calculate how much fuel was saved during a hire at a typical telecoms site. Our team calculated that without a battery unit on site, the generator would have used a total of 281.7902 litres of diesel over 7 days. While having a battery unit on site the actual fuel usage was staggering!

The total fuel actually used on site over a 7 day hire was 189.46 litres!

This was a 92.3302 litre reduction in fuel consumption.


Battery Storage Unit Specifications

Designed with sustainability in mind, dramatically reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, while delivering optimal performance with zero noise and virtually no maintenance. Leveraging the benefits of high-density lithium-ion batteries, the ZenergiZe units are compact, and light compared to traditional alternatives. These battery units have been built so that they can be easily transported around a site, with the use of a forklift, to wherever temporary power is required!

Built with 48v Pylontech Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries and Victron inverters. Each battery has its own BMS (battery Management System) which is lead by a master battery (battery 1). In the event that one battery fails or is drained the rest will continue working until the drained or failed battery is charged or replaced. You can rest assured that all maintenance or possible errors will be identified by our team, using a telemetric system that is pre-installed from the Atlas Copco factory.

The ZBP 15/60 is a single phase unit whilst the ZBP 45/75 is a three phase unit.

Atlas Copco ZBP 15/60

ZBP 15/60 Data Sheet


Atlas Copco ZBP 45/75

ZBP 45/75 Data Sheet

Powering Industries with Renewable Technology…

As we mentioned earlier, these battery storage units are perfect for our telecoms customers in that they are compact, modular and easily transportable. Being able to pair this with other renewable charging sources and a backup power system ensures that operations continue to run while producing the least emissions possible.

But what other industries can benefit from BSU’s?

Generator Power handles a lot of events and festivals every year where temporary power is required out in fields and other remote locations. BSU’s like these can help balance out peaks in demand and low loads, as well as reduce the space required for power solutions. These units can also operate in emission-free and noise-sensitive areas where normal diesel generators are not permitted to operate.

Hybrid Generator System Demo

Our team of innovation experts have been working on a new containerised hybrid system that includes the charging capabilities of wind power. This will give the system a boost when needing to charge, leaving even less opportunity for the connected generator to be in use.

Thinking about bringing in a BSU for your upcoming project?

Start a conversation with our team about hiring our battery units here!

Alternatively, you can email directly to info@generator-power.co.uk or call us on 01924 220055.

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