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Ways to Save Power This Year

As you might gather, we’re pretty passionate about electricity. If you read our blogs or take a tour of our website you’ll see a firm that has built a business around providing emergency power to its customers.But that doesn’t mean we condone wasting power, far from it, we like to save power where possible.

This being the case we thought we’d look at ways of saving electric around the home, read our latest energy saving blog and don’t say we never give you anything at Generator Power!

Do you need all those lights?

Domestic lighting is one of the biggest culprits of wasted energy around the home. If your house is anything like our homes it’ll feel like Blackpool illuminations on some evenings. Only switch on the lights you need, turn off unwanted lighting and this could save anywhere up to £200 on your annual electric bill.

Change light bulbs

Switch to energy saving bulbs as well, that’s another top tip to slash money off your electric bill. Eco-friendly bulbs use less energy, they last for thousands of hours and they’ll save plenty of money in the long run.

Fill the dishwasher

Don’t run it half-empty, fill it throughout the day and switch it on at night unless your model has a half-load function. It’s uneconomical to run a dishwasher half-full, fill it up and get more bang for your buck.

Change the temperature on your washing machine

Choose a lower temperature to wash your clothes, ditch the 600 C wash and try a 400 C load instead. Your clothes should be just as clean and you should notice the difference when your electric bill drops through the post.

These are simple energy saving measures that are guaranteed to lower the cost of your utility bills.

We like to help where we can at Generator Power, you can always rely on us in an emergency, keep reading our blogs for news and tips in the future.

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