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Top causes of electrical incidents around the house

Everyone knows electricity can kill but that doesn’t stop the average household taking unnecessary risks when it comes to domestic electric supplies. The risk of shock, fire and fatalities is a genuine concern and these are the common causes of electrical incidents around the home.

Dodgy DIY

Any electrical work should be completed by a competent person. It’s tempting to try to save money on home electrics but not only is this false economy this is a genuine risk as well. Call a registered electrician to carry out work at your home and if you are planning a major project where the power will be off for a prolonged period of time, consider hiring a generator to provide back up in the interim.

Faulty flexes

Never pull plugs out by their cable. This can result in damage to the cable or to the plug. Check cables for exposed wiring or signs of scorching. See anything suspicious and the cable should be replaced. As tempting as it might be, avoid trailing leads under carpets or rugs. Not only can this cause a trip hazard, it’s electrically dangerous as well.

Overloading adaptors

Avoid overloading adaptors with numerous appliances when you plug them into socket outlets, especially if they are high-voltage items such as irons or kettles. Never use an adaptor plugged into another adaptor, this could leave to circuit overload and potentially cause a fire.

Confusing fuses

Make sure the correct fuse rating is fitted inside a plug. If the fuse blows replace like-for-like. As a general guide most appliances below 700W require a 3amp fuse. Anything over that should be fitted with a 13amp fuse.    

Problems with plugs

Apart from the wrong sized fuse, other issues can affect plug performance as well. An incorrectly wired plug is one example. If you don’t know the wiring code for a plug it’s brown wire for live, blue for neutral, green and yellow for earth. Things to check for are wires are fixed firmly in terminals, the main flex is clamped securely in place and the fuse is pressed firmly into the holder.

If you are unsure about any of your home electrics speak to a qualified electrician and if you require emergency power at any point, call Generator Power for a prompt and reliable service.

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