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5 Reasons Your Generator Might Break Down

There’s a common misconception that diesel generators are unreliable, but if your sets are maintained properly this shouldn’t be the case. If your generator does break down, however, it may be due to one of the following reasons:


Just like your car, a generator needs a good battery to give it an electrical charge. If the battery is weak or the connections are poor the supply will be weak and there’s a good chance the generator won’t turn over.

Test your battery levels and replace dated units when they are beyond their shelf life.


Do you have fuel in the generator? This is a simple but common mistake to make. Check the fuel levels of the generator to maintain hassle-free operation.

Never let the power plant run dry.

We provide a fuel management option at Generator Power to prevent this happening on site.

Not set to auto

Check to see if there’s an ‘auto’ button on the backup generator. If so, ensure this is set. Otherwise, how will the generator know when to come on in the event of an emergency?

Low coolant levels

Hire a generator and this shouldn’t be an issue. The place you rent the generator from should check all levels prior to hiring out the equipment, including the coolant levels.

Generators shut down if they become too hot, this is often due to a lack of coolant in the system. If your generator starts up okay but shuts down after a while, this could indicate a cooling problem.

Fluid leaks

Oil, fuel or coolant leaks are another issue for generators. If you are topping up levels more frequently, or your generator isn’t working quite as it should, have it checked by a qualified generator engineer.

We test all of our equipment prior to providing emergency responses at Generator Power, you can depend on our fleet of hire equipment.

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