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Top 30 Environmental Blogs of 2016 (so far)

The easiest way to stay up to date with the latest ecology and environment news is reading environmental blogs. They will provide you with the latest eco news in a way that will help you absorb the information with ease.

Since you will have a significant amount of choices, we have prepared a list of the best environmental blogs that you can subscribe to so that you can get your morning news from the best possible choices.

Our list consists of a wide range of platforms targeted to cover a variety of ecological aspects that we all come across on a daily basis.

Ecology should be regarded as an integrated scientific sector because its many layers are closely intertwined in all of our day-to-day activities. Staying well informed about the global environmental issues can help us evolve and avoid making the mistakes that have led to the current state of our planet. An eco-clean perspective is the foundation of a greener tomorrow and a better life for future generations.

These 30 platforms will help readers build this foundation because each of them provides valuable knowledge and a greener perspective on life.

Take a look at our below list and find the best possible subscriptions for you!

30. Law and Environment – The Best Environmental Blog for Law Enthusiasts

The first blog on our list targets legal matters concerning the environment. Law and Environment is extremely useful if you want to get familiar with the basics of legal ecology, as well as detailed information on various environmental issues and their legal background.

Subscribing to this blog is well worth your time because it is absolutely crucial that you are familiar with the laws that govern the world’s most ardent environmental issues.

This well-written blog also explores the political nature of the latest ecology matters, thus providing readers with a multilayered approach on these issues.

29. Green Architecture and Building Report – The Best Environmental Blog for Architecture Lovers

This is an excellent blog if you aim to live in a green city one day. You will get the latest news about green construction, green power, and eco-friendly alternatives to traditional urban development and architecture.

Green Architecture and Building Report will also provide you with information on the latest and upcoming events in the Eco social calendar so that you know when to save up some time to participate in the largest environmental events.

28. Eco Diva – One of the Best Environmental Blogs for Green Beauty

Eco Diva is the ultimate environmental blog for stylish women who want to stay updated on the latest news on eco-friendly makeup and beauty products.

There are countless controversial matters in regards to the environmental issues concerning the cosmetic industry. Eco Diva is aimed to offer women environmentally positive alternatives to generic beauty products.

These will help them make a change in their lifestyle for a cleaner beauty routine based on natural products. This is an excellent start towards a greener tomorrow because long-term change begins with the little things.

27. Franimals – One of the Best Environmental Blogs for Animal Lovers

This blog targets the most important environmental issues concerning animals. It is an excellent platform to get informed about wildlife, as well as domestic animals and livestock.

Franimals will provide readers with fascinating stories about admirable people who have managed to overcome the social barrier and go the extra mile for animals that are in dire need of assistance. This blog could prove to be a true inspiration for animal lovers, so it is well worth subscribing to.

26. Autoblog Green – One of the Best Environmental Blogs for Car Lovers

Planning to buy an electric car or a hybrid? Are you interested in the latest eco-friendly technological advancements in the automotive industry?

Autoblog Green will offer you all the resources you need to stay up to date to the with the newest hybrid car models, as well as the upcoming improvements in auto making technology. Read about Tesla, Volkswagen, Toyota, and all your other favourites on Autoblog Green.

25. Ecographica – One of the Best Environmental Blogs for Biology Lovers

If you want to begin your day with fun facts about the natural word, then Ecographica is an excellent choice.

You will get to read all about everything from cancer research to exotic parasitology and palaeontology, all from an ecological standpoint.

Regardless of the fact that the blog has yet to be updated for quite some time, it is filled with valuable information that is well worth your time.

This excellent blog could be your source of inspiration for your upcoming research.

24. Landscape and Urbanism – One of the Best Environmental Blogs for Architecture and Design Lovers

Ecological urbanism is the foundation of tomorrow’s green cities. Now is the time to begin making environmentally stable constructions and infrastructure that can provide us with a sustainable alternative to traditional construction.

The Landscape and Urbanism blog is aimed to provide architecture aficionados with the latest news about the ecological advancements in this field. It is an excellent platform well worth subscribing to.

23. EcoHearth – One of the Best Environmental Blogs for a Green Diet

Eating healthy could prove to be a true struggle nowadays because giving up old dietary habits is much more complicated than it might seem to be at first glance.

EcoHearth offers readers a comprehensive collection of green recipes that can truly provide them with delicious alternatives to commercial foods and beverages.

Staying healthy can be delicious with EcoHearth recipes and if you subscribe, you can stay up to speed with the most scrumptious natural delights.

22. EcologyIT – One of the Best Environmental Blogs for IT Enthusiasts

This blog is dedicated to technology and IT enthusiasts who want to make a planet a better place with their skills and knowledge.

Ecology IT will provide readers with detailed information on the most important environmental information technology events. Subscribe to this blog to get all the latest eco IT news.

21. Restoring the Americas – One of the Best Environmental Blogs about Ecological Restoration

This blog tells some truly fascinating stories on ecological restoration. Restoring the Americas tells a multilayered and multicultural story about what it’s like to take on restoring the environment.

Subscribe to this heart filled blog to get a new perspective on environmental work and bringing great plans to life. We guarantee that it will make your days greener and that it will provide you with the incentive you need to get started on your own projects.

20. Small Earth – One of the Best Environmental Blogs on Current Eco Issues

This environmental blog offers readers a very accessible take on coping with today’s environmental issues.

The vast majority of posts target the effects these may have on people who want to get involved and make a personal effort to turn the world into a better place.

Small Earth may provide ecologists with a certain amount of relief and comfort by proving to them that they are not alone in this fight and that there is an entire community they can rely on because they share the same objectives and face the same struggles.

19. BeesTreesFrogsElephants – One of the Best Environmental Blogs for Nature Lovers

BeesTreesFrogsElephants offers readers the latest news on a wide variety of environmental issues, resources, and solutions concerning animals and the natural world.

If you are interested in ecobiology and the latest research projects focused on improving these life-altering problems, then this blog will be the highlight of your day.

Subscribe and you will learn the most fascinating aspects regarding the environment of trees, bees, frogs, elephants, and many other wondrous creatures.

18. Eco Geek – One of the Best Environmental Blogs About Eco Technology

Eco Geek is a blog dedicated to readers who are passionate about eco-technology and the latest scientific discoveries that will help us lead a greener life.

This blog covers a wide variety of categories including agriculture, alternative materials, recycling, environmental software, biofuels, solar power, and wind power. Subscribe and you we be on your way to becoming a true Eco Geek yourself!

17. The New York Times Science Section – One of the Best Environmental Blogs About Science

While this may not be a blog per-say, we strongly recommend that you subscribe to the science and environment section of the prestigious New York Times.

You will get your daily dose of green news and about the latest projects, events, and fun facts about the current environmental issues.

This is one of the best possible platforms for environmental news articles and resources because it is written by highly trained professionals who specialise in providing readers with the essence of the matter in every single article.

16. Climate 411 – One of the Best Political Environmental Blogs

Climate 411 is the blog of the Environmental Defence Fund. This is one platform that is well worth your time because you will gain access to a unique take on the most important environmental issues.

They explore the complex political background of the current ecology matters and their extensive expertise on the matter enables them to provide extremely pertinent posts. Their main focus points are the science, economics, and law of clean air and climate change.

15. Birdchick – One of the Best Environmental Blogs for Bird Lovers

Are you passionate about birds and the current ecological matters in ornithology? Then Birdchick will be an amazing platform for you to visit on a regular basis.

You will find articles, podcasts, and videos about the latest adventures of Sharon “Birdchick” Stiteler, who is a very passionate bird enthusiast with several amazing books under her belt.

Subscribe and you will have a great time with the Birdchick and her friends.

We strongly recommend this blog because it is visually entertaining and extremely easy to follow. Birdwatchers can find a true role model in Sharon Stiteler and they can become a part of an excellent community.

14. Clean Technica – One of the Best Technical Environmental Blogs

This environmental technology blog provides readers with valuable information about the latest updates and scientific advancements that can bring some improvements to the planet.

You will find quite a few articles on the automotive industry, but you will also get to read about eco development in the transport, power, economy, and construction sectors.

Clean Technica is aimed for technology lovers with a passion for ecology and sustainable alternatives to traditional means and methods.

Subscribe and you will get your daily dose of eco news from an extremely well written blog with a true eye for technology.

13. Climate Progress – One of the Best Environmental News Blogs

Get your green news from Climate Progress and you will have access to some amazing environmental issues articles.

We recommend this blog because it presents ecology matters from a geopolitically integrated standpoint, thus conveying the most important aspects of current ecology.

It makes for a very entertaining read and it will keep you well informed on a daily basis.

12. Food Politics – One of the Best Environmental Blogs About the Food Industry

Food Politics targets some of the most controversial aspects of the food industry and the effect it has on the daily life of the people, as well as the long-term effects on the planet.

This blog features the latest global news about food, as well as excellent cover stories and informative articles. It is an excellent platform for ecologists interested in the food industry.

Subscribers will get their daily dose of food ecology here, so we strongly recommend it.

11. Eco Salon – One of the Best Environmental Beauty Blogs

Eco Salon is a buzzing blog that will offer readers an infinite array of resources that can make their daily lives more eco-friendly.

Read about anything from natural hair masks to natural recipes and environmentally safe fabrics for a greener wardrobe.

Subscribers will find excellent ways to integrate ecology into their daily lives because Eco Salon is all about the small changes that have a significant effect on our planet.

10. GreenBiz – One of the Best Environmental Business Blogs

While ecology and business are commonly regarded as very different areas, they are in fact quite closely intertwined in the current socio-political scene.

GreenBiz presents the most important environmental issues from a business-oriented standpoint. This makes the articles featured here extremely diverse and politically pertinent.

We strongly recommend internet users to subscribe to this one because they will have a much broader view of both ecology and economics.

9. Ecology Today – One of the Most Complex Environmental Platforms

If you want to find out what’s new in ecology and environmental development, then Ecology Today is a wonderful platform for you.

Subscribe and you will find the most important environmental events of the day, as well as some of the most notable discoveries and perspectives in today’s ecology.

Aside from keeping readers updated on current events, Ecology Today also offers an impressively broad collection of scientific articles, webinars, podcasts, and many other online resources that ecology aficionados will find absolutely fascinating.

Explore their diverse categories (Earth, Air, Energy, Water, Humans, and Species) to find some excellent material on your preferred topic about the natural world.

8. Deep Sea News – One of the Best Marine Ecology Blogs

If you are passionate about marine ecobiology, this is one blog you will definitely want to subscribe to.

Deep Sea News provides its readers with the most interesting aspects of the current environmental events in the world of aquatic biology and science. By spending only a few hours on this blog, you will be up to speed with the most intriguing events and discoveries in marine biology and oceanography.

We recommend this blog to newcomers as well because it is extremely accessible and quite honestly, rather addictive.

7. Mother Nature Network – One of the Best Environmental Blogs for Nature Lovers

Mother Nature Network is a fantastic blog. Its main aim is to keep ecology aficionados everywhere up to speed with the newest and most relevant events from today’s socio-economic and ecology scene.

Readers will find a diverse collection of amazing topics about the natural world, as well as the geopolitical aspects surrounding the latest environment news.

Backed by the longstanding reputation of the Discovery Channel, this blog is a beacon of knowledge for the natural world and well worth including in your subscriptions. If you are passionate about ecology, then Mother Nature Network is bound to be an instant favourite!

6. Civil Eats – One of the Best Environmental Blogs About the Food Industry

Civil Eats covers the American food system exclusively but it provides readers with new articles every day. Their main aim is to explore the economic and political nature of the current ecology events in the food industry.

It is the ideal platform to get a very broad view of this sector because the articles are well researched and extremely accessible.

Considering that current events regarding the food industry have an effect on the entire planet, it is one of the fundamental sectors of ecology.

This is why every ecologist should be properly informed and accurately updated on the latest facts and events concerning it.

5. The Greenpeace Blog – One of the Best Environmental Politics Blogs

This is one of the best online platforms dedicated to animal lovers and ecology enthusiasts. Greenpeace is one of the most prestigious organisations aiming to make the world a greener and better place.

Their blog offers news, scientific articles, ecology podcasts, as well as a wide variety of resources regarding energy, green living, green internet, climate, oceanography, eco-photography, and food.

Subscribers will find a virtually endless amount of material that can widen their knowledge about ecology and environmental science.

This is one of the most complex blogs available online, so we strongly recommend any ecologist to subscribe because they can get a multilayered perspective on current environmental issues and scientific advancements that can make the world a greener place.

4. Environment Blog – One of the Best Environmental News Blogs

Environment Blog is The Guardian’s environmental blog targeted to keep ecology aficionados up to date with the latest events in modern ecology. The flawless reputation of the blog’s parent publication, The Guardian, is the best possible reason we can offer you to subscribe to their platform.

The articles featured here are written with the world famous professionalism that have made the British national daily newspaper and its international affiliates one of the most respected mass media entities in the entire world.

Subscribers will have access to news reports, as well as impressive cover stories that can provide them with complex information about matters of ecology and geopolitical environmentalism.

3. TreeHugger – One of the Best Environmental Blogs on the World Wide Web

TreeHugger is one of the best-know environmental blogs on the World Wide Web because it features a multilayered list of categories and focus themes. You can read about animals and wildlife, as well as technology, design, business, and environmental current events.

With several new posts every single day, TreeHugger is an excellent platform to keep readers updated on the most important ecology and environmental events.

It is also a virtually endless resource for eco fun facts and news updates. Subscribe today and try out the TreeHugger experience for yourself!

2. The Huffington Post Green – One of the Best Environmental News Blogs

The Huffington Post is one of the most popular news resources in the entire world.

This is why strongly recommend the Huffington Post Green blog, which is targeted to offer readers accessible environmental news articles on the most important events from all over the world.

Get your daily green news from the Huffington post and you will never miss a thing about the tumultuous world of ecology.

Subscribe today and you will have an amazing platform to rely on for your eco-news!

1. Grist – The Best Environmental Politics Blogs

This cutting edge blog targets the political nature of modern day ecology. The socio-economic background of the current environmental issues invariably plays a central role in their development and outcome.

Subscribe to Grist to stay in the loop about all the latest events and their long-term effects on the planet. Its astringent approach on eco-politics will provide you with a solid perspective on current events.

Grist is bound to become one of your favourite blogs in no time because you will appreciate the passion of the writers and their dedication to keeping the general public well informed.

We hope our list of the best environmental blogs has provided you with some valuable ideas on where to get your eco news and resources.

Staying properly informed about the current state of modern ecological matters is the first step we all must take so we can have a better planet in the future.

Knowledge is the baseline of a greener tomorrow and better future for our planet.

The main aspect we all have to realise is that every given field is directly or indirectly connected to the outcome of the planet.

It is only by developing an ecology-oriented view on the world that we can make sustainable and successful decisions about the future.

So subscribe to environmental blogs because you will be surprised how many matters you can relate to directly.

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