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Times When You Might Need Portable Power

Generators are powered by petrol or diesel fuel. This fuel powers a small motor and the motor converts the power into electric energy. You can plug a cable into the generator and you’ve got power whenever you like.

The vast majority of people won’t require this form of portable power but there are instances when a generator can get you out of a fix. Here’s a guide to when you might need a generator to give you power in an instance!

An outdoor event

Take a catering van to a craft fair, music festival, car show or country fete and how are you going to provide power to cook a range of food? Generators are the answer, they’ll give you all the power you need and provide you with lighting at the same time. Take a generator to any type of outdoor occasion and as long as you have fuel to keep it going there’ll be tons of power and loads of light!

Construction site

Working on site from morning until night isn’t very productive if you don’t have generators to power your tools. It doesn’t matter how remote the site is, if you have back-up power you can work from noon until dusk if you like. Fire up a generator on site and it provides emergency lighting, keeps power tools running and it can even heat the hot water in a bowser so you can make a cup of tea when you want.

Emergency power

Fixed or portable generators are handy in an emergency too. You can use them in domestic or commercial buildings in the event of a blackout and keep things ticking over until the mains powered is installed. Hard-wired generators will kick-in the moment the mains power goes down and they shut-off when the mains is back on again. Generators are really useful when you need portable power and we like to think ours are some of the best in the industry.

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