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Telemetry takes remote monitoring to another level

We’re often asked by customers at Generator Power how we monitor our emergency power plants when they are positioned in remote, hard-to-access locations. Our answer is simple. We get them to site using all-terrain access vehicles and once there we can track them using our top-notch telemetry service. This has significant advantages.

It’s easy to read

Our telemetry service enables us to check vital statistics such as fuel and oil from the comfort of our office. Once we fit an electronic box to the generator and it’s delivered to site we can sit and read the vitals whenever we like. From our vantage point at Generator Power HQ we have a full status report for power plants equipped with telemetry technology, and can closely monitor the vitals at all times.

It prevents wasted journeys

Without telemetry data you are flying blind. This is inconvenient if your generator is situated in a remote region. The only choice you have is to physically check the generator to see if the fuel and oil levels are okay. Opt for a telemetry package and there’s no stomping over fields, climbing mountains or traversing streams just to check on generators, you can establish if everything is fine from afar.

We can top up where necessary

Remote telemetry systems help you monitor oil and fuel loads. Couple this to a fuel management service and you never have to worry about a generator running itself dry. Our telemetry service streamlines remote generator hire. Not only do we keep a close eye on fluid levels, we’ll head out to site and top up where necessary to keep your generator running 24-7.

Breakdowns are tracked and traced straight away

Faults on generators are another concern if you run a power plant in a remote region. The good thing about telemetry packages is they inform us straight away if there’s an issue with the generator and we can fix the fault as soon as possible. In many instances we’re the first to know about breakdowns, putting us in a strong position to fix problems fast.

Telemetry gives you peace of mind. Speak to one of the friendly team at Generator Power to find out more about this type of service.

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