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Staying Safe at Christmas

Well it’s nearly that time of year again guys and we’re not sure where the months have gone at Generator Power. Looking back, this has been a busy 12 months but a productive one and like most of the nation, we’re looking forward to spending the jolly holidays with our nearest and dearest.

Christmas is such a joyous occasion. It won’t be long until you are decking the hall with boughs of holly, stringing fairly lights up around the home and decorating the tree with a selection of Xmas treats.

With Xmas just around the corner we thought it might be useful to run a series of themed blogs in the run up to the festive period. A couple of them are safety related and one focuses on how you might keep yourself entertained if your home was suddenly without electricity.

To begin, let’s consider safety at home this Christmas.

As long as you stay safe this year there’s no reason why you shouldn’t enjoy the yuletide period. Just follow our festive safety tips and have a very happy holiday!

Areas that might cause concern:

  • Electricals
  • Fire hazards
  • Choking hazards
  • Kitchen mishaps


It’s traditional to decorate the home at Christmas time and this usually involves fairy lights. Not just a few lights though. Look around and you’ll see loads of lights… some houses are covered in lights, from the basement to the attic, every nook and cranny is filled with festive illuminations!

Check the condition of your lights. Make sure they conform to safety standards and never overload sockets with too many lights. We could devote a whole blog to lighting safety at Generator Power. In fact, that’s a subject we are going to cover in more detail in our next post on the site.

Fire hazards

Plenty of fire hazards are present during the festive period. Try to keep cards and paper decorations away from heat sources such as Christmas candles or twinkly lights. All it takes is a little heat and paper burns easily.

Lit candles should never be left on their own. Double-check they are extinguished before you retire to bed during the evening. It only takes a few seconds but it could save your life.

Choking hazards

Kids love Christmas and part of the enjoyment for mums and dads is to see the look of delight on their child’s face. Worryingly, there are plenty of small items that might cause choking hazards for younger children at Christmas. Toys from crackers, small batteries and bits that fall off the tree are dangers to look out for.

Kitchen mishaps

Cooking a turkey dinner is stressful, especially if you have extended family visiting you on Christmas Day. Hot and steamy kitchens can be perilous places. Burns from ovens, scolds from hot water, cuts from knives and slips on spilt liquid are just some of the dangers to avoid.

Please be mindful of some of the points we have raised in this post to have a safe and joyous Christmas this year. And spare a moment to read our post on festive lights safety before you dress the tree. You still have time to plan for a safe and happy Xmas!

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