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Safety Tips When Using a Generator

Hired generators are used every day in a wide variety of sectors. People from events management, construction, utilities, shipping, telecoms and more all find use in generators.

Generators are useful. There’s no denying that fact, but before you hire one, or start one up there are a few safety tips that you should bear in mind.

In this blog we’ll cover these tips to help guarantee that you’re using your generator safely.

Keep it outside

Our first tip is to keep your generator outside. Nearly all of them emit carbon monoxide which isn’t something you want to be inhaling.

As well as being outside and kept away from open windows, you’re going to have to keep it dry. A wet generator isn’t something that you want.

Keep your generator on a dry surface and under an open canopy.


Your generator is going to get hot. When I say hot, don’t underestimate what I mean. Just simply brushing past the exhaust could cause some nasty burns.

Ensure that you tell everyone who will be working around the machine this information. If it’s for home or event uses then make sure that all children and pets are kept away at all times. It’s going to burn if someone starts trying to play with one!

Don’t overload

Upon hiring you generator you should have been informed of the amount of power it can take. If not, it should have a power rating on the generator.

To ensure that you and your appliances are safe make sure that you always stay below this rating. Overloading a generator can cause harm to the machine, the machines being powered by the generator and is some cases cause fires.

If the company you’re hiring from hasn’t informed you then ask them.

Better safe than sorry.

Make sure it’s attended

Although many generators are perfectly safe there is always a small risk of danger. To ensure that this risk is managed make sure that there’s someone monitoring the generator at all times.

Ideally this person will have an understanding of how the machine works so can spot any potential risks before they get out of hand. If you can’t get hold of anyone like this then any one will do, as long as they can spot a fire!

This risk is extremely minimal but again, it’s better to be safe in the knowledge that your generator is being monitored.

A good dose of common sense should see that your generator is being used sensibly. As we said, they’re extremelyuseful and the risks are very minimal providing you follow our advice here.

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