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A Quick Guide to Buying a Used Generator

If you’ve hired a generator and decided that purchasing one is something you would like to do then there are a few things to consider, especially when buying used.

Used generators are generally reliable but the problem is you don’t know how the previous owner treated the equipment. This applied when buying any used items but generators can be dangerous if not looked after properly, so it’s vital that you know what you’re looking for when it comes to pre-owned generators.

In this blog we’ll give you some quick advice to help you purchase a used generator.

The supplier

No matter what you’re buying, you always want to make sure that it’s coming from someone who is reputable, honest and reliable. The same goes for generators.

We always recommend choosing a supplier who has a proven track record of selling used generators and understand their workings. This way you know that they’ll have checked the generator over before selling it on and you can be sure of its reliability.


Some people say that a ‘name’ doesn’t mean anything. In the world of generators, it does.

When buying a used generator you should look at the manufacturer and check their history. Have they been producing generators for a long time? Are they are a trustworthy company?

You want your generator to be long-lasting and fuel efficient, so make sure you choose a manufacturer that has a good reputation.


Once you have found a dealer and chosen the generator that you’re looking to purchase you need to start looking into its previous usage. Ask a question of the supplier, how old is the unit? Why is it being sold on? What operating hours did it work under?

The answers to these questions will give you an idea as to how long is left in the generator and whether it’s been mistreated.

Generators can be dangerous if not looked after properly and can cause fires. When buying a used generator, you must always make sure that it was taken care of by its previous owner and that you understand its previous usage.

Load test

A load test should have been conducted by your supplier, but you should ask about conducting your own to be sure of accuracy.

This test will help determine the overall efficiency in the power generation. This test should also give you an idea of our previous thing to consider. The test may have to be repeated a few times to make sure that there are no unanticipated power breakdowns.

Obviously there are a range of things to consider when buying a used generator but these are some of the most important initial factors to consider. If you have any further questions about buying used generators, give us a call, and a member of our team will be more than happy to help you out.

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