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How to Prevent Diesel Theft On Site

Take a look at our Powersafe solutions at Generator Power and you’ll find a mobile power unit that protects the fuel supply and generator from damage by vandals or theft by thieves.

We think it’s a fabulous solution to the ongoing problem of diesel theft on site but also recommend other ideas that prevent this issue as well. This is our take on how to prevent diesel theft on site.

1. Improve security fencing

Make life difficult for thieves by installing industrial grade, anti-vandal fencing around the perimeter of your site. Fit warning signs on the hard to breach fencing and install extra fencing around fuel pumps or backup generators as well. Secure fencing is a strong deterrent, if thieves are going to try and break into your site at least make things complicated for them.

2. Update security lighting

Fit floodlights around your site that bathe vulnerable areas with a wash of light. Make your site as visible as you possibly can at night and highlight suspicious activities in the middle of the night.

3. Install CCTV systems

Have a camera monitoring your generators and fuel pumps at night, record the evidence or employ security personnel to monitor the footage during the twilight hours. Catch thieves on film and you can use the evidence to prosecute the culprits when the police have made an arrest.

4. Fit an alarm system

Send thieves packing by installing an audible alarm system to your generator housing. Criminals are less likely to chance their luck if they are siphoning diesel with an alarm screaming away in the background.

5. Use a Powersafe

Take advantage of our Powersafe mobile power package and it runs for up to 800 hours between refueling and servicing. It’s totally safe so if you are worried about diesel theft on site but need emergency power, it’s the practical and affordable solution that’s suitable for a wide range of applications.

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