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What to Pack in a Basic Flood Kit

If your home was about to be breached by flood water would you know what to pack in an emergency flood kit?

We’ve listed the items in this list, hopefully you’ll be fine but just in case you get a flood warning get these items ready.

1. Waterproof clothing

Normal clothing gets saturated during a flood, protect your best clobber by wearing waterproofs during the emergency.

2. Portable radio

There’s a good chance the mains power will be down during a flood, you should definitely turn the power off at the mains if water is about to breach your property. So have a portable radio on standby to monitor the news and the latest updates on weather warnings.

Portable radio

3. Torch

Without power your home will plunge into darkness at night, dig out a few torches, wind-up lanterns and have candles and matches on standby too.

4. Spare batteries

To keep your radio and torch working.

 5. Water bottles

A bumper pack of bottled water will be handy during the emergency.

6. Tinned food

If you are stranded at the property you’ll get hungry at some point so tinned food will be a welcome relief.

7. Camping stove

To cook tinned food on and to boil water for hot drinks.

8. Mobile phone

To keep you in contact with the outside world.

Mobile phone

9. Blankets

To stay warm.

10. Documents

Keep vital documents safe like your passport and home insurance policy, you’ll need this to make a claim.

These are some of the items we think you should include in a basic flood kit, if you can think of any more tell us what you think.

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