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Items You Need in a Power Cut

We’ve covered a few blogs on power outages and thought it was worth mentioning a few survival tools that’ll keep you going if you lose your electrical supply. Hopefully the power will be back on before you know it but just in case it isn’t here’s a list of thing that you might find useful.

Keep emergency lighting handy

You’ll need to cope and find your way around when the power goes off so have some means of emergency lighting standing by. This could be candles, tea-lights, hurricane lights or wind-up camping lights that can be switched on to provide illumination until the mains power is resumed.

Make sure water is safe

The mains water should be fine if it’s a temporary blackout but if you are facing a few days without power, or the power at the water-supply plant goes down, you might have to boil water to make sure it’s safe.

Use a battery radio

Listen for updates on the radio for notification of when it’s likely the power will be back on. There should be emergency broadcasts that give you instructions so keep a spare set of batteries for your radio handy just in case.

Stock up on tinned food

It’s always handy to have a stash of tinned food in the cupboard that can make a quick meal if you lose power to your fridge and freezer. Power outages are often caused by terrible weather conditions and depending on when you last stocked the fridge you could be stranded without food for a while. Emergency ‘tinned’ rations will see you through.

Use camping cookers

If your home runs an electric cooker dig out your camping gas stove and use that to prepare meals and boil water. Keep a good supply of gas cartridges handy in your garage and you’ll have a means of cooking to feed the family.

Stock up the first aid kit

Finally check your first aid kit and make sure it’s full of dressings, bandages, ointments and items to use in an emergency. People can stumble in the dark so stock up on first aid supplies and know where to find them in a hurry.

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