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Imagine You Lost Power this Christmas

Heaven forbid you lose power over the yuletide period. Imagine how stressful it would be if the oven turned off as you were cooking the Christmas turkey or the telly went blank during the Queen’s speech.

This wouldn’t be a major issue if you had emergency power to fall back on. Hire a generator for example and it’ll provide you with all the power you need to keep going during a power outage, no matter how long the mains power was out of action.

Still, if you did have to cope without power over the festive period, even for a short space of time, at least it would give you the chance to try these ideas.

Wrap presents

The power might be off but that shouldn’t prevent you from present wrapping. Light a few candles, keep them a safe distance from the gift-wrap and get stuck in, those gifts aren’t going to wrap themselves. You could use torches or wind-up camping lights to provide artificial light and finish off the wrapping until the power is restored.

Write cards

Get that festive card writing out of the way during a power cut. It’ll feel like a traditional Christmas if you write cards by candle light and by the time you finish, hopefully the mains power will be back on.

Make a list, grab your finest pen and send good wishes to all your friends and family members.

Listen to Christmas carols

Place a few batteries in a radio or use a wind-up version and listen to your favourite Christmas songs.  If the power is out, light a few candles, cosy up by the fire and listen the festive carols. Bet you feel the magic of Christmas wash over you.

Read festive tales

Take the opportunity to read festive stories to one another during a Christmas power cut. Take your pick from a host of seasonal tales, you could read A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens aloud or keep kids enthralled with The Night Before Christmas by Clement C. Moore.

There’s something special about Christmas tales by candlelight. It’ll put all the family in the festive spirit!

These are just a few suggestions for you to try if you happen to experience a power outage over Christmas. If it looks like you’ll need emergency power to keep you going in the interim, we’re waiting to take that call at Generator Power.

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