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Generator Security Tips

Diesel generators are in constant high demand. You’ll find them up and down the country providing power to the people who need it most. It’s because of this demand though, that they’re a target for thievery.

If you have a generator at home or on your construction site you need to make sure that it’s properly secure.

In this blog we’re going to look at a few ways that you can do this.


As soon as your generator arrives on site unload it from the trailer and enforce your security measures. Too many businesses and people leave the generator on the trailer until it’s required. This is going to attract the thieves. An easy steal.


Just like if you were trying to protect anything on site, security cameras are the best way to go. Not only do they deter any would-be thieves but it also means that if something is stolen, you can see who did it and when. Just the evidence the police need to catch the culprit.

Fence it in

Put up some temporary fencing around the generator. If it’s at home, make it permanent. This fencing could end up proving one obstacle too many for the thief. Plus it means that you can cover the generator much easier, protecting it from the elements.

Light it up

No thief likes to work in a brightly lit area. There’s too much chance that they’ll be seen. This is exactly why you should blast some lights on your generator. It’ll act as an excellent deterrent.

Block it in

Generators are pretty heft pieces of machinery. They can’t just be picked up and done away with. If you block yours in it’ll be so much harder for the thief to make away with it. Throw scrap metal in front of it. Park your car behind it. Do whatever you have to.

A storage box

Because generators are so attractive to thieves industry leaders like ourselves have developed security boxes to keep the equipment safe. Check out our Powersafe here and protect yours today.

Mark it up

Lastly make sure that you leave your mark on your generator. This way, if it is ever stolen it can easily be identified when found. Write a serial number on there, or stick a pretty picture on there. Then take a picture so that in the future you can prove that it’s yours.

Generators can be expensive and so why put such an investment at risk by not adequately protecting it? Follow these tips and your generator should stay safe and sound.

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