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Generator Rental: What Is It Used For?

Emergency generator rental is often provided through an industrial energy solution business like ourselves. The reason the generator is rented though, varies. There are 3 common uses for an emergency generator.

Building projects

Projects that require the replacement of electrical system elements like voltage regulators, circuit breakers and switch gear often require a rental generator. Maintenance projects such as servicing or retrofitting are also typical building applications for a rental generator.

Power outages

Probably the most common requirement for generator hire is during an electrical outage. A building that has lost electricity will need one generator, but if the outage is on a larger scale and will last days a fleet of generators are provide to help bring air conditioning, drinking water etc to the affected area.

Demand in energy

There are two common reasons a facility will experience a higher need of energy. One is when it holds a special event and has to accommodate various things like PA systems, lighting, computers etc. And another is when construction work needs a higher load that the certain facility can deliver. Arena, concert venues, and festivals all often experience a demand in energy and will rely on generator hire to provide it.

Why choose us for your generator hire?

Here at Generator Power we offer the most comprehensive and extensive fleet of generators for hire. So whatever the application, we can provide to you. To ensure that our generators are operating well we retire them early. That ensures you a more recent model with plenty more years of use in it. We ensure they’re super silent too. So if you need to make use of one for a demand in energy at a festival or in a power outage scenario in a local area, it won’t be a problem!

We’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week all year round meaning that if you do find yourself in a emergency situation without power, you have someone to turn to.

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