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Follow These Three Steps if You Lose Power at Home

It’s a little bit unnerving when your home is suddenly plunged into darkness without warning. 

One minute you’re sat there watching your favourite television programme and the next you are wondering where you keep your flashlight.

Stay calm if this happens and try not to panic – there could be a simple reason why your home has lost electric. Take this approach to tracking down the problem and power should be restored sooner rather than later.

Step one: Look out of the window

The first thing to check if your home has lost power is neighbouring properties.  If the whole street is covered in a blanket of darkness there’s good chance this is a local power cut. The good news is this should be a temporary fault and power will probably be restored after a short while. You might want to call your electricity provider to verify what is happening or look online for information, at least this way you’ll have some idea how long the power is likely to be off.

Step two: Find a torch

We recommend you keep a flashlight handy at Generator Power for this type of emergency and also have a stash of spare batteries on standby. Invest in a durable household torch and keep it in the same place so you can find it quickly in an emergency.  You might want to light a few candles on a temporary basis until you can restore the mains power.

Step three: Check fuse boxes

Managed to find your torch? Great stuff, now go and check your fuse box. If you have a circuit board with mini MCBS inside one of these might have tripped. Modern circuit breakers can be rather sensitive, something as simple as a light bulb blowing might cause them to trip out. Check each MCB in turn and reset where necessary, bet your lights come back on straight away!

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