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Fairy Lights: Ways to Avoid Electrical Glitches This Christmas

It might feel like it’s only been five minutes since you packed away those fairy lights but December is just around the corner again. Customers of Generator Power are no doubt aware it’s nearly Christmas time and that means it’s almost time to decorate your home with seasonal fairy lights.

Stuck in a box in the attic for months at a time, plenty of things could have happened to those seasonal lights. We thought we’d mention some obvious and not so obvious checks you might want to make on festive lights, whether you drape on your tree or hang them elsewhere in your home.

If you intend to use fairly lights this year do…

Check for signs of damage

Visually inspect the lights prior to use. Look for obvious imperfections such as broken bulbs or damage to the flex that could cause fire or electrical safety risks.

Change lights like-for-like

Where bulbs need to be replaced use the same type from the same manufacturer. You should have a few spares in the box that the lights came with. If not source replacements from the same supplier.

Replace blown bulbs quickly

As soon as you notice a blown bulb change it as quickly as possible. Left unchanged this could cause overheating issues and possible dangers which could be avoided.

Turn lights off at bedtime

Get into the habit of switching those festive lights off at night. Unplug them before you retire to bed for obvious safety implications.

Never overload lighting circuits

Be sensible when plugging lights into sockets. Try to avoid using extensions or socket adaptors where possible to prevent circuits being overloaded and running the risk of electrical dangers.

Keep indoor lights inside

This should be obvious but we thought we’d mention it anyway. Never use indoor lights outside. If you want to turn the outside of your home into ‘santa’s wonderland’ use approved outdoor light fittings connected to an RCD socket.

Enjoy decorating your home with festive lights this year. We sure will at Generator Power.

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