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Electric Hot Spots in Your Kitchen

Worried about the rising cost of electricity? So are we at Generator Power, this is a real concern for anyone that has household bills to pay. 

Kitchens in particular are a huge drain on energy reserves. This is one area packed with electrical items, all drawing power from the national grid.

Monitor the use of electrical appliances though and you can save money and lower your carbon footprint at the same time.

One of the easiest ways to save money on domestic electricity is to learn a little about home appliances, find out which appliances have the largest energy costs.

The biggest culprits in your home are:

Fridge freezers

It’s tall, white and stops goods perishing but your fridge freezer gobbles up loads of electricity as well. The older your freezer is the less likely it’ll be energy-efficient, replace it for an A-grade model where possible to save money on costly utility bills.

One of the reasons your fridge and freezer use so much electricity is they are switched on around the clock. This is unavoidable but the amount you pay for electric will vary depending on the type of freezer and fridge you use.


Tumble dryers

Another culprit that has a high-energy output. If you’re smart you’ll buy an A+++ graded model that sips energy. If you’re unlucky you’ll have a G rated model bought a decade ago that guzzles energy like it’s going out of fashion.

Take the smart route, invest in an energy-efficient dryer and during the summer try to dry as many clothes as you can outdoors to make bigger savings this way.

Electric cookers and hobs

Leave a hob burning for a little too long and that’s a total waste of money. Forget to turn the oven off straight away after cooking a meal and you are throwing money down the drain.

On average, an electric oven uses around 15 units of electricity per week.  To save money switch ovens and hobs off as soon as you have finished cooking and buy energy-saving models.

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