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Don’t Run Dry, Use Our Emergency Fuel Filling Service

Worried about running a generator in a remote location? You shouldn’t be, not when a quick phone call to Generator Power will have a fresh fuel delivery on its way to your site to keep your power plant ‘topped up’ and purring for the duration of the hire period.

We own and operate a reliable fleet of small to mid-range refueling vehicles, varying from hardy 4×4 all-terrain vehicles to heavy goods tankers. Talk to us about our low volume delivery service or feel free to ring if you need fuel in an emergency. We’ll have a vehicle suitable for your needs full of fuel and on its way to your location before you even put the phone down!

There are numerous advantages to our fuel delivery service, we’ve listed a few in this blog, read them and you’ll understand why it’s great to have fuel delivered on demand.

It’s flexible

The simplicity of our fuel delivery service is one of the biggest selling points. You can have a regular supply of low volume fuel or simply pick up the phone and give us a call to top up a generator in an emergency situation.

We can deliver to difficult places

Our custom-made 4WD vehicles are rough and tough, they reach you quickly no matter how rugged the terrain. If you’re running a generator on a mountain, no problem, we’ll turn up and top it up before it runs out of fuel.

Our tankers are fit for purpose

Call our fuel delivery hotline and we’ll allocate the right vehicle for your needs. Whether you need a 20,000 litre road tanker or a 4×4 Land Rover Defender with a 1000 litre payload, we’ll have it filled with fuel and heading in your direction at the drop of a hat.

We’re reliable

One call, that’s all it takes to have our speedy and reliable fuel delivery service on its way to you, what more could you ask for when you’re about to run out of fuel!

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