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Diesel Generators Help to Save Lives

It’s bad enough being confined to hospital when you feel poorly so can you image how miserable you would feel if there was a blackout during your trip to A&E?

Suppose you were recovering from an illness or lay in bed waiting for an operation and the power suddenly shut down, how scary would that be?

Patients in Washington hospital have just been through this frightening scenario but thankfully, the vast majority of them wouldn’t have noticed anything untoward. This is no part due to the diesel generators that seamlessly provided emergency power during the recent power out that swept through parts of southern Maryland and Washington DC.

Hospitals, government buildings, emergency response centres and other critical services managed to operate on a ‘business as usual’ basis thanks to emergency diesel generators working tirelessly throughout the blackout crisis. It took place on April 7th and the grid might have gone down, but the hospital kept on running and patients didn’t suffer any extra hardship as a result.

Panic over

Diesel generators are the obvious choice for emergency power in this type of situation. They kick in within seconds of the mains power going down, and keep running until the national grid can get things back on track.

Time is critical in hospitals and other emergency settings during a power out. Every second counts when the electric fails, so it’s imperative an emergency measure is standing by.  Emergency generators offer a solution. Not only do they have an independent fuel source, they are capable of handling heavy loads, and can be used as backup power for as long as it takes to restore the mains supply.

Modern diesel generators are quieter and more reliable, plus they operate with greater fuel efficiency, helping emergency medical centres save money on unforeseen expenditure. And they’re efficient, silently turning on when they are needed, yet happy to remain idle but poised for action, should their services be required at any point.

The blackout in Washington merely highlights the importance of emergency power supplies. It was caused by a freak bout of weather known as ‘Superstorm Sandy’ but the reality is power outages can be attributed to any number of factors.

What can we learn from this?

There’s an obvious lesson to learn by recent events over the water. Although the blackout in Washington promoted a need for emergency power, what’s to say this won’t happen over here in the UK?  Our green and pleasant land is regularly besieged by bad periods of weather, heavy storms, strong winds and sudden surges in power demands on the national grid, this can all result in a temporary power out.

When this happens you’ll be glad to have emergency means of power. Diesel generators come to the rescue, they’ve just helped to save lives in Washington and over the years they have kept countless critical facilities supported here in the UK too.

As one of the foremost experts in emergency power solutions, we speak from experience at Generator Power when we say, you’ll be thankful you have a generator to call upon in times of crisis.

Diesel generators are some of the most reliable power plants you can use to support your business. They come into their own during emergency blackout situations but can also be used to provide temporary power for a wide range of applications.

Should you require an emergency power solution, whether you’ve lost power at home, at work or require assistance out on site, we can help.  Just contact us in your moment of crisis or speak to us if you want further details about any of our backup generators.

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