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Responding to the UK’s largest ever generator emergency.

The Challenge

When Storm Eve hit Lancaster and Storm Desmond hit Rochdale, there was a major impact on local power supplies. We helped respond with the largest deployment of generators in UK history.


The Solution (Lancaster)

We set up a 24-hour manned incident centre, working around the clock to coordinate engineers and stay on top of all the incoming emergency situations. Our team deployed 33 generators in Lancaster over 500kVA, the first at White Lund Industrial Estate near Morecambe. This functioned as an evacuation centre where people severely affected by the floods could eat and sleep. Our team was also on-hand 24/7 to refuel the army of generators.

The Solution (Rochdale)

Storm Desmond came hot on the heels of Storm Eve, so our team were well-rehearsed in providing around the clock emergency support. We deployed 29 generators, all over 500kVA, including ones delivered by coast guard to care homes in Croston. We also deployed one of the longest runs of cables we’ve ever used down 1200 metres of Rochdale’s Market Street. The emergency happened during the Christmas holidays, but our staff agreed to forgo their festive holidays, roll their sleeves up and get involved in responding to the crisis.

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