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Getting emergency power to the heart of London.

The Challenge

The electricity supply for busy central London underground station and all its surrounding retailers, offices, hotels and restaurants had to be shut down so an emergency water leak could be repaired. Late on a Saturday we were asked to help. By Sunday afternoon all power had been restored.


The Solution

We actually offered an emergency response time of 2 to 4 hours, but contractors needed to get everything in place for our generators, so we were asked to delay our arrival.

We needed to deliver 2 synchronised 1250 KVAs gensets (multi megawatt package) with 3000 litre fuel tanks to this busy central London location at peak time, so we put them on the back of artic trailers and installed them without any problems. We also provided fencing to keep things safe for the public.

While one generator was running, we used the other as back-up, servicing each every 400 to 500 hours and refuelling them to make life easier for our client. Despite being left to run in a residential area, our generators didn’t receive a single noise complaint. Just one of the reasons that we use such high quality equipment.

“I knew that not only would Generator Power be able to provide the required equipment, they would also be able to offer their service outside of normal working hours.

Working with the team, I could rest assured that the equipment would be delivered and set up to meet my standards, and any issues that were encountered during the install were dealt with efficiently and professionally.”

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