Clearing the way to a safer bridge - Generator Power
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Clearing the way to a safer bridge.

The Challenge

A vital railway bridge needed significant repair work, but the area beneath it was flooded and clogged. A Pump Hire Company who we have a great relationship with were asked to help clear the area. Having worked with us several times, they trusted us to provide the power.

The Solution

We had to ensure there was absolutely no disruption to the work, so we installed 2 generators: one for running the pumps and a second as a back-up.

We also helped make the job more economical by using a GP Telemetry service. It ensured the generators came on as soon as the pumps fired up, so they weren’t running when they weren’t needed.

“We’ve been working with Generator Power for a number of years now, and have always been impressed by their professionalism, the quality of their kit, and the wealth of knowledge their team have. After working with other companies across the country, we always find ourselves coming back to Generator Power. We’ve been consistently reassured that they will provide us with the full package, and have the guarantee that they will see any electrical install all the way through to the final sign off.”

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