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What you need to know about the 2022 fuel rebate changes

Don’t get caught out on the finer details around this important new change in the law

As one of the UK’s leading providers of generators and ancillary equipment, our range of power services offer is based on our commitment to giving you the best, and most cost-effective solution.

We’re also committed to helping you be as sustainable as possible, which is why we’re always keeping a close eye on legislation that might impact how both we, and you, operate.

The April 2022 Fuel Rebate change is an important one to understand as it will impact on the way we all work towards being more eco-friendly in the way we generate power. The key driver behind fuel rebate changes is the government’s push towards greater sustainability as part of its target to reach net-zero emissions by 2050.

2022 fuel rebate changes – the small print

Due to this, from April 1st 2022, a large majority of sectors will no longer have approval for rebated gas oil and rebated biofuel usage.

This change includes the dismissal of red diesel because although it only accounts for 15% of the UK’s diesel use, it produces close to 14 million tonnes of carbon dioxide annually.

The remaining industries that will still qualify for rebated fuel usage will be:

  • Agriculture, horticulture, fish farming and forestry-based vehicles and machinery
  • Railroad vehicles
  • Non-commercial premise heating, and electricity generation
  • Community sports clubs maintenance
  • Marine craft fuel for UK based operating and refuelling duties
  • Powering the machinery of travelling fairs and circuses.

Follow this link for more details on red diesel reform and rebated fuel usage.

For complete peace of mind, our services are fully compliant with the new fuel charge changes

Making a mistake on the latest fuel charges could be costly, which is why our aim is to provide you with a guaranteed power supply that is fully compliant with the April 2022 changes, while also offering you the latest technology to help you achieve your own sustainability goals.

Sustainability made easy

  • First off, all our generators for hire are HVO (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil) compatible, which provides a sustainable option for your power supply.
  • Get fuel anywhere and at any time through our unique fleet of vehicles, consisting of unimogs, 4×4 refuelling vehicles and emergency response vehicles.
  • Your fuel levels will also be managed by our capable team of fuel experts, helping you to significantly decrease your fuel costs, consumption and CO2 emissions.

How is Generator Power preparing for the fuel rebate changes

With the recent Fuel Rebate changes, we are fortunate that supplying renewable energy alternatives has always been one of our core commitments.

Even though HVO is a little more expensive than white diesel, more companies are realising the importance of sustainability. HVO fuel will only increase in demand, a trend we plan to pursue with the following sustainable measures for customers:

  • All generators supplied will come with white diesel from the 1st April, however we are able to provide HVO fuel and refuelled with HVO as and when required.
  • The fuel management service you will receive will have a stronger focus on HVO and white diesel supplies. Correct fuel sources and refill amounts will also be guaranteed through our constant monitoring service.
  • For sectors that are exempt and not affected, we will still provide red HVO and red diesel fuels.

What does this mean for our customers?

We strongly recommend that you use up all of your rebated fuel stock before April 2022 and be prepared for an increase in fuel costs thereafter.

However, we want to remind you that we are with you along the way, and the only questions you need to focus on are:

  • What fuel source would you prefer to use? White diesel or HVO.
  • And would you consider a sustainable solution?

For help to find answers, get in touch with us or give us a call at 0845 601 2187.

Switch to a sustainable power solution

As mentioned earlier, reducing our customers’ carbon footprint is one of our core objectives. The 2022 changes are just one of many sustainable initiatives that we’re implementing. But way before this we were already introducing our own measures to ensure that we’re not only helping to save the planet, but helping to save you money too. We have numerous sustainable innovations and services that are already helping our customers to be more environmentally-friendly and save money in the process:

  • Our Variable Speed Generators (VSG) have the ability to automatically adjust their speed, decreasing fuel usage by up to 40%.
  • Our Battery Storage Units incorporate latest technology from the automobile sector, focused on moving towards long term zero emissions
  • We have also introduced hybrid solutions, combining both Battery Storage Units with Solar Arrays which allows us to keep the use of diesel to a bare minimum.
  • We’re constantly innovating and looking for ways to improve, and recent introductions have included the latest Stage 5 generators which vary their energy output based on demand.
  • We recommend the right generator for your needs, based on the customer load profile analysis that our team of power supply experts conduct prior to equipment hire.

Have a look through our sustainability page for more details on how we can help decrease your carbon footprint and costs.

Alongside these, we promise to continue investing more time, energy, and finances into finding sustainable alternatives for power generation, alongside decreasing your costs.

For more details get in touch with our fuel experts team.

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