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Tree Planting! – Planting a Better Future

Tree Planting efforts with Generator Power

In recent years tree planting has become an important practice for Generator Power, for the purpose of providing carbon capture and support efforts to fix the climate crisis. Our tree planting schemes have created a focus on planting native broad leaf, deciduous tree species in a way to create a plethora of wildlife benefits. It is a hope that the trees planted by Generator Power will help promote healthy regrowth of natural habitats and provide crucial support to a healing planet.

In November 2021 Generator Power’s Managing Director, Steve Cardwell, (to the right) planted 5100 trees at a site near Penrith.

Steve didn’t stop there! In November 2022, we also invested into an additional location near Windermere which has had 3000 new trees planted onto the site. Steve is already looking to the future with an additional site allocated for 5000 more trees in November 2023.

Generator Power expects to plant over 5000 trees per year on an ongoing basis as our promise to a healthy Earth. This program will result in the sequestration of a significant amount of carbon. As a result of these plans, we are on track to sequestrate 2.7 kilo tonnes of Co2 for the 3 sites.

Giving back and rebuilding the environment is a high priority mission for Generator Power as we recognise that our industries’ impact on the planet is harmful and that we all need to make a conscious effort to do better.

Because of this, Generator Power made the decision in 2020 to become a corporate member of The Woodland Trust to work with the experts of conservation. Generator Power has since worked alongside The Woodland Trust towards our collaborative goal and will continue to do so indefinitely!

See how we got started with H&H Land & Estates in a short video they created features Generator Power MD, Steve Cardwell and Forestry Manager, Sarah Radcliffe:

What is Carbon Sequestration and what is it good for?

Sequestration is the process of removing, capturing and storing carbon dioxide (CO2) from the Earth’s atmosphere. Carbon Sequestration is recognised as a key method of removing carbon from the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas and the most common human produced gas. There are two types of carbon sequestration which are biological and geological.

Generator Powers efforts are more focussed to biological sequestration, in which we are getting involved with tree planting and helping create larger carbon sinks to assist with trapping carbon and putting it to use for healthy growth.

Biological sequestration isn’t just tree planting though, carbon can be captured in soil through bogs, swamps, peat or the ocean. Aquatic environments and large bodies of water like our many oceans contribute to a great deal of sequestration.

Generator Power Tree Planting Green Campaign

At Generator Power we believe that it is our responsibility, not only as a temporary power hire solution, but as the people who live on this rock, we call Earth to give back and repair our beautiful home!

The Woodland Trust

The Woodland Trust are an organisation that has been on a mission to create a greener planet and to preserve our forests since 1972. As of 2022, The Woodland Trust has inspired over 500,000 people to become supporters of the trust which has lead to more than 50 million growing trees.

Do you want to start making a greener impact on the Earth too? Click the link below to learn more about the Woodland trust and the great things their members do to protect our Earth:

Woodland Trust


You can find all the facts of carbon sequestration and how the different types contribute to a healthier Earth here. This article by the National Grid explains in detail, the different forms of carbon sequestration and provides data supporting how much some methods contribute to a greener environment.

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