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Times When You’ll Be Glad You’ve Got a Generator

We have a number of generators ready to hire in an emergency at Generator Power and provide a rapid 24/7 response for your peace of mind. You never think you’ll need an emergency generator so we wrote the following to give you examples of natural disasters that can wipe out power.

High winds

Gale-force winds wipe out power lines in seconds and it can be hours before the mains power is back online. Hurricanes and tornadoes destroy everything that’s in their path and areas hit by high winds can be left stranded for days. Back-up power keeps them going until the grid is back up and running.


Areas prone to flooding are affected by power outs, water gets into electrics and that’s not a great mix.  It’s handy to use a portable generator to create power until normal service is resumed, they’ll be plenty of cleaning up required and the emergency power will care for the community’s needs.

 Objects flying into power lines

In the past hot air balloons have been known to crash into power lines, planes in distress or other aircraft can also wipe out power cables if they plummet to the ground. These are the kinds of emergencies you never expect but they’re a good example of when a portable generator might be required at short notice.

Trees falling

Old or diseased trees have been known to take down older types of power lines, if they tumble the sheer weight of the tree causes a local loss in power. Be prepared with an emergency generator and you won’t have to worry, your home will have light and power until suitable repairs are made.

These are all classic examples of emergencies, it’s not a definitive list because mains power can be lost due to a variety of factors. We’ve got your back though at Generator Power so whatever the emergency you can rely on us to restore the power when you need it the most.


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