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The Top Ten Podcasts for Events Planners in 2019

As an event professional, do you ever stop thinking about work? We know the answer is probably ‘no’.

In the fast-paced world of events, one of the very most important qualities that makes you good at your job, is the passion to continue learning new skills, and keep on top of trends and updates.

Podcasts offer one of the most convenient and easy ways to absorb information. Whether you’re doing the household chores, commuting to work or even at work, you can listen and learn on the go. 

We have put together the top 10 podcasts for event organisers, to ensure you’re in the know:


Planner in Training Podcast 

Planner in Training is hosted by Fiorella Neira, the wedding and event entrepreneur. The podcast focuses on education, training and advice to grow your wedding business and entrepreneurial style.


Meeting Minds with Charles Eide

World-renowned event organiser Charles Eide chats with industry leaders and innovators about making incredible audience experiences across the globe.


The Savvy Event Planner Podcast: Event Planning  

The event-planning podcast that provides tips, techniques and advice to help you plan successful events.


Event Industry News Podcast 

This podcast, from sector magazine Event Industry News, invites events professionals to discuss the issues and opportunities facing them.



The CEO and editor of BishBash discuss the latest news and trends affecting live event marketers, meeting strategists, nonprofit organisers, and everyone in between.


Social Media Marketing

Often, event organising requires a level of marketing skill. Hear from marketing pros and brush up on your knowledge, in this weekly podcast series. 


The Exposure Podcast by The Expo Group

This podcast provides you with information about the exhibit and events industry in an entertaining and addictive way, sharing insight from event planners.



This podcast helps you ‘meet’ the icons of the event industry.


Event Tech Podcast

Event Tech Podcast is at the intersection of events and technology, helping the event industry to stay in the know about how the sector is evolving.


The Events Podcast 

Offering tips, tricks and tactics to run profitable and stress-free meetups, conferences, and events of all kinds, The Events Podcast provides you with actionable advice to help you right now.


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