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How to Store Fuel for Generators Safely

Use a portable generator and it’s going to require fueling at some point, the more you run the gen-set the more fuel it will use. That’s not a surprise, but what is surprising is the amount of people that take risks when they store fuel. If you think an old wine bottle is the ideal place to keep petrol or diesel you might want to read the following.

Understand the law

There are certain regulations you have to adhere to when you store fuel at the home or work setting so follow the guidelines to avoid punishment and potential health hazards. Store fuel in metal containers with a maximum capacity of 10 litres or plastic containers, with screw caps, that can hold 5 litres of fuel in total. Petrol stations are obliged to turn you away if you try to ‘fill-up’ at the pump using any other type of container, so don’t turn up with a bucket and a cheeky grin on your face.

Where to store fuel

If you are keeping fuel at home a secure shed or lockable garage is the best place to store diesel or petrol. Under no circumstances keep fuel containers in living areas due the risk of fire. That rules out the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and lounge, don’t dump canisters in your dining room either. Make sure the area you keep the fuel is well away from the main accommodation and kept in a secure location to prevent the possibility of arson.

Treat fuel with care

When you are filling up your generator take your fuel can out of the garage or secure location and remove the cap in the open air. Don’t smoke or use naked flames near the fuel and always use a spout or funnel to prevent fuel spilling on engine parts, your clothing or the floor.  If you do manage to splash a bit of fuel on your clothing you should change them right away. Just be careful, treat fuel with the respect it deserves and you shouldn’t have any problems storing it or pouring it into your generator.

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