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A Quick Guide to Hiring a Generator for Your Next Event

If you’re planning an outdoor event, chances are you’re going to need power. Hiring a generator is the perfect way to supply power to lights, DJ equipment or anything else that needs some electricity.

If it’s a one off event then hiring a generator makes much more sense than purchasing one.

In this blog we’ll cover some things you should consider when hiring a generator for your next event.


Firstly you should consider the types of things that your generator is going to be powering. If it’s going to be supplying power to a lot of appliances then you’re going to need something sizable.

You should always hire one bigger than your estimations. This way there’s no chance that you’ll lose power half way through the event.

Also, if you miscalculate how much power you’re going to need, you might put you and your guests at risk. Overloading a generator is dangerous so make sure that you have something that is adequate for your requirements.


Secondly you need to plan where you’re generator is going. Generators emit carbon monoxide, which is something your guests won’t want to be inhaling over dinner.

Make sure that your generator is kept away from the guest area in the outdoors. This way it will let all the gasses that are emitted to be taken away by the air. It should also be covered. Your generator shouldn’t be allowed to become wet in the rain.

Although we have said to keep it away from the guest area, it’s going to have to be close enough to the appliances it’s running so that the power cables can reach.


When hiring your generator discuss with the rental company the nature of your event. The majority of generators are now sound proofed and can run more or less silently.

You should make sure that the generator you’re hiring is silent. If for example you’re using the generator to power your wedding, you don’t want it so loud that you can hear the band for your first dance!

These considerations are easy to follow and should mean that your event goes off without a hitch. If you’re unsure of anything then ask the company you’re hiring the generator from. They should ensure that you know everything you need to.

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