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National Grid Takes Emergency Measures this Winter

We’ve just read an interesting report in The Telegraph.. According to their energy editor, the National Grid is taking emergency measures to prevent the possibility of blackouts this winter.

It’s not just The Telegraph that’s reporting this news either. The Guardian follows with a similar story, it claims the National Grid is highlighting the potential for power shortages this winter and this is bound to leave business and homeowners understandably concerned.

What’s causing the problem?

The worry about power shortages stems from a lack of power plants! Some have closed due to safety fears (Heysham and Hartlepool), others have been blighted by fires (Ferrybridge and Ironbridge), one is reportedly being phased out due to a lack of profit (Barking), but where does this leave the average person on the street?

Without power is the answer. Unless the Grid takes positive action, power supplies are in serious danger the way things stand.

What’s the solution?

The Grid needs to get some of the redundant power plants operational in time for winter, there are even rumours they’ll be asking businesses to switch off during the hours of 4pm and 8pm in the evening to save energy.

The pressure is certainly on the National Grid to get plants up and running again, we’re already heading into autumn and it won’t be too long until we feel the first frost of winter.

Whilst it seems unlikely the UK will be plunged into darkness in a weird homage of 1970’s blackouts, there are genuine concerns the lights could go out at some point this winter.

Fingers crossed this won’t happen and hopefully the National Grid has a contingency to keep UK homes equipped with power, otherwise we are in for a long, dark winter this year.

Still, at least you know where to come for emergency generators if the unthinkable happens. We’re here to help at Generator Power whenever the lights go out!

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