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Why a Multi-Megawatt Package Makes Stacks of Sense

There’s no denying large-capacity generators are big power sources, you can’t fail to notice how much room they take up on site.

This causes problems sometimes but we’re good at being adaptable at Generator Power and find solutions no matter what type of issue you have on site. If you think a large-capacity generator is going to be too big, don’t worry, we have another solution that’ll give you just the right amount of power without wasting valuable space.

Large-capacity generators are fairly inflexible by design. Yes, you’ll have all the power you need but this comes at cost which is namely the size. One way around this problem is to use a multi-megawatt package instead consisting of smaller generators that are synchronised together.

Take a 2MW generator for example. You could replace this with 4 synchronised 500kVA generators and still have the same amount of power. This option would leave less of a footprint and you wouldn’t have to sacrifice any of the power output during the hire period.

Let’s look at the advantages of a multi-megawatt package for further proof of their adaptability.

  • Smaller generators are easier to transport to site – Instead of waiting for a truck to arrive with a giant generator on the back, then having to stand by whilst it’s carefully unloaded and made fit for use, you can have quads of generators shipped, unloaded and working in half the time.
  • They take up less room – If space is an issue smaller ‘banks’ of generators offer a sensible solution.
  • They provide greater flexibility – You choose the package that suits your needs based on the voltage you require.
  • You can power up or down when you like – Our multi-watt generator packages can be powered up to 3.3, 6.6 or 11kVA and back down again whenever you like.

Big isn’t always better. If size is an issue contact Generator Power for a range of compact, high voltage solutions.

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