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LPG safety advice

What are the merits of LPG generators? They’re cheaper to run, good for the environment and work silently out on site.

Pay attention to safety when using LPG and it’s an affordable and practical fuel. We examine some of the basic safety aspects to consider and highlight danger areas to avoid.

Storing LPG

One of the biggest concerns relating to LPG is wondering how to store your gas supply safely. Obviously, if you hire one of our liquid petroleum gas generators we’ll fill it up for you so you have no worries in this area.

However, if you use gas cylinders for heat sources remember these handy storage tips.

  • Store cylinders in well-ventilated areas
  • Ensure seals are fitted to the top of unused cylinders
  • Keep well away from naked sources of flames
  • Only use approved regulators
  • Secure unused cylinders in a safe location, out of direct sunlight and sources of ignition

Using LPG

Storing LPG safely is one thing, using it carefully is another concern to consider. Again, if you are running a generator set this shouldn’t be a problem, work with gas canisters though and special care should be taken.

This includes:

  • Using the right hose and checking it’s condition
  • Fitting an approved regulator and watching out for signs of wear and tear
  • Taking care lighting the gas if automatic ignition isn’t present
  • Shutting off cylinder valves when not in use
  • Listening for leaks

Emergency suggestions

If you suspect you have a leak, hoses are faulty or regulators aren’t working correctly prevent the risk of explosion by following a few emergency procedures.

Safety tips involve…

  • Shutting off the gas supply at the valve
  • Avoiding contact with naked flames
  • Opening doors and windows
  • Covering leaking parts with a wet cloth
  • Moving the cylinder if safe to do so away from buildings into well ventilated areas

Liquid petroleum gas is a safe, cost effective fuel if you follow the rules. Just call us at Generator Power if you are interested in hiring any of our LPG solutions.

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