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How to Lower Energy Consumption in the New Year

Most families feel the pinch after the Christmas holidays. If your credit card has taken quite a beating and your bank balance is glowing red following the festivities, it’s time to cut back a little in January and look at ways in which you can lower your outgoings.

One area you can make savings is through reducing energy consumption around the household. Generator Power recommends this course of action.

1. Unplug or switch off where possible

How many gadgets do you have plugged in at home that you simply aren’t using? Leave extension leads, phone chargers, radios or other electrical devices plugged in with the socket switched on and you are wasting power and running up your electricity bill.

Unplug anything you’re not using right now. What’s the point in paying for power you don’t need?

2. Check those thermostats

Set the thermostats for your heating at a comfortable setting, we suggest 21C in living areas to feel warm and save money on energy. The difference in price is quite amazing depending on the level your thermostat is set at. Bills can be anywhere up to £250 lower simply by turning the dial down from 25 to 21C.

3. Turn down fridges

Settings on fridges can save money too. Take a look at your appliance, how high is the dial at the moment? Turn it down a notch to make long-term energy savings. The ideal temperature for a fridge is 1.6C or 35F. Lower the temperature if your appliance is set any higher.

4. Get ready to hibernate

Use a laptop or desktop PC at home and set it to hibernate when not in use. Left alone, switched on but unused that PC is wasting money, use the settings to automatically hibernate the computer when it’s lying idle.

Better still, if you know you have finished working on the laptop and you won’t be needing it again today why not shut it down altogether?

Remember, every unit of electricity you save will put pennies back in your pocket.

Try saving power in the New Year and the best of luck from all the team at Generator Power.

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