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Looking Ahead To The Future Of Renewable Energy In The UK

Sustainability is top of the priority list at Generator Power. We’re committed to doing everything we can to reduce our carbon footprint, and help our customers do the same too.

For over a year we have been researching and prototyping new and smarter ways of working, and throughout this period we have embraced the role as a pioneer for renewable energy in the UK. By investing in the latest technology, we are proud to be making a positive difference in our impact on the environment.

From Variable Speed Generators to Battery Storage Units and Micro Turbines, we have invested in a range of innovative and sustainable power sources:

Variable Speed Generators

Variable Speed Generators, also known as VSGs, are a real game-changer. Unlike traditional generators that rely on the standard AC frequency of 50Hz, VSGs use a DC alternator to produce the necessary power, which is then converted into AC power to deliver the fixed frequency of 50Hz.

As the power is produced digitally, VSGs are able to automatically increase or decrease the engine speed based on the amount of power needed. The end result is much lower carbon emissions, which can be a reduction of up to 50%. Users can also take advantage of the advanced durability against wear and tear and substantial cost savings.

Battery Storage Units

Battery technology has improved leaps and bounds over a short period of time. Longer discharge times, faster charging and intelligent control systems are some of the latest enhancements.

The latest Battery Storage Units (BSUs) capitalise on innovative technology from the automotive industry. We have invested in a number of 45kVA BSUs to offer our clients a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to standard generators. BSUs emit zero carbon emissions and are virtually silent, making it an ideal source of power for those operating in noise-sensitive areas.

Micro Turbines

Micro Turbines feature a combustion chamber which is used to burn diesel, kerosene or a 50/50 mix. The combustion chamber processes the fuel using a method which is much more environmentally friendly than a traditional diesel engine. Not only does this create a cleaner solution, it also significantly reduces airborne emissions.

Our Micro Turbine units are self-contained and allow for easy and efficient maintenance. To diminish the risk of environmental impact on the surrounding area, we have modified the equipment to ensure there is not any oil sump.

The Woodland Trust

We are delighted to have joined The Woodland Trust as a corporate member. This is a pivotal milestone in our ongoing mission to improve sustainability. In partnership with The Woodland Trust, we are committed to planting 2000 indigenous broadleaf trees per year to offset carbon emissions and create our very own woodland in Yorkshire.

There is an exciting future ahead for renewable energy in the UK and we are delighted to be leading the way in the power industry. Contact us to learn more about our eco-friendly and green energy equipment.

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