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Key Things To Consider When Choosing A Temporary Power Provider

Stay powered up this summer – wherever you are, whatever you’re doing with the UK’s leading temporary generator provider, working with the best brand generators in the business.

At last summer’s here and it finally looks like we’ve got a semblance of normality, with commercial and leisure activities starting to return to their previous levels of activity.

We’re not out of the woods yet but with demand for temporary power solutions on the increase it’s important to ensure that whatever you’re doing you get the right power for the job you need it for, for the full duration of your project.

Maximum power, maximum dependability, minimum hassle.

At Generator Power, our nationwide network means you’re always in easy reach of a portable, temporary power solution for your construction project, event or emergency whenever, and wherever you need it, supported by 24/7 call out and support by our team of expert engineers.

So, to ensure you get the right generator for the job check out our win-win checklist.

Firstly, we only use Atlas Copco as it’s the world’s leading brand, and by just working with one generator company it means that our engineers always have the right spares on them – which means troubleshooting is easier to resolve, resulting in less down-time.

The high spec and high quality of Atlas Copco generators also means that they’re super fuel efficient, super silent and bonded for protection against fuel spills.

Not only do we offer standard diesel generators, ranging from 20kVA to 1250kVA, but we also have a range of green and alternative generators.

So, if you’re looking for an alternative to diesel, here’s our line-up of alternatives:

  • LPG generators which are ideal for sensitive sites where noise reduction is an important consideration.  These are perfect for environmentally friendly sites or locations where food preparation is taking place (such as outdoor catering at events and festivals), or where health provision or water treatment is taking place.
  • High voltage generators – perfect if you need lots of power on a construction site or major infrastructure project.  These are supported by our highly qualified engineers who can work in collaboration with your SAP (senior authorised persons) to ensure that rigorous health and safety compliance is achieved 24/7.
  • Synchronised generators – the ideal alternative to bulky generators where space is at a premium, and enabling you to flex the amount of power you’re generating. With these you can power up to 3.3KV, 6.6KV or 11KV without requiring the bulky transport needed for 1 large generator.
  • Stage V generators – this is our brand new range that is fully compliant with the latest emission regulations.
  • Battery storage units – hybrid systems that can be used in tandem with traditional generators.

Dependable in all locations and all weathers, our fleet of generators is regularly serviced every 400-500 hours and we retire them so that we’re never holding on to kit that has passed its useful and reliable lifetime. Should a problem arise, our fleet of 50 emergency vehicles across our nationwide network is on standby to get you sorted as quickly as possible.

Also, for expert fuel management our remote telemetry service enables us to check fuel and water levels, and provide essential remote diagnostics for any troubleshooting issues.  We can also use our GPS tracking service – essential for generators in hard to access locations.

Our hire-ready fleet of generators also comes with a range of ancillary products to ensure that you’re completely in control.

  • Automatic mains failure units – these trigger standby generators or switch to an alternative generator if mains power fails.
  • Load banks – electrical loads for testing generators and minimizing the risk of power failure
  • Fencing – protect your power supply and the people moving around them.  Essential where both employees and the general public could come into close proximity to your power equipment.
  • Distribution boards – we have an extensive range that can be adapted to suit any application
  • Bulk fuel tanks up to 24,000 litres – bunded to minimise the impact of fuel spills
  • Acoustic barriers – essential where noise reduction in neighbourhoods or close to other workers
  • Cables and cable protectors – not only can we provide double insulated flexible steel-wire armoured cables in all lengths and sizes, but we can provide essential cable protectors to protect your power supply from traffic and constant pedestrian footfall.

Whatever you do, don’t try and guess what you think you might need. Call our team for a site survey so that we can assess your needs and find the right solution.  Everything you need to keep the power flowing this summer is ready and waiting for you here at Generator Power.

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