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How One Small Decision Could Save Your Outdoor Event This Summer

Here’s a scenario:

You get to event day, after months of planning, and you’re just about managing to keep your excited nerves at bay.

Your entertainment has turned up, the food stalls are in place and the British weather is holding off. Check, check, check.

Then, out of nowhere, the power blows.

All of your event-planning nightmares come to fruition at once. No food, no entertainment, and certainly no bouncy castle.

You dismissed the idea of hiring a power generator.

Sure enough, those excited nerves turn to dread – your guests are fuming, and your reputation is left in tatters.

You ask yourself, “Why didn’t I hire a power generator?”

So, here’s our one piece of event-planning wisdom: if you’re planning an outdoor event this summer, then you’re going to need to hire a power generator.


Okay – we have outlined the key questions to ask your power generator supplier, to ensure you never experience this sweat-inducing scenario first-hand…

1. Are you open 24/7?

When you’re organising an event, the main thing you’ll want to avoid is a power outage. But if it does happen, you need to make sure there’s a solution at hand.

Our team is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year – no excuses. We offer guaranteed call-out for emergencies, giving you assured peace of mind.

2. What are your response times?

There’s no point in a supplier being open 24 hours a day, if they’re going to take forever to fix a problem.

When considering your power supplier options, ask them how long they would expect a response to take.

3. Do you have spares available?

If your generator has broken down, then you’re going to need a fix pretty sharpish. Our engineers carry the spare parts in their vans, to remedy the problem as fast as possible.

4. What size generators do you carry?

Your power provider should offer generators of all sizes. Hiring a generator that’s the wrong size – whether that’s too large or too small – can be disastrous.

Each item you’ll power has a wattage value – a generator supplier such as Generator Power will be able to assess this ‘load’ size and identify the most suitable size equipment for your event.

5. Who will be my point of contact?

It’s vital that you know who you’re dealing with, and that you won’t be passed from pillar-to-post.

With Generator Power, if you have an emergency that needs dealing with, you’ll speak to a familiar voice who’ll be a safe pair of hands to keep the power flowing.

6. Do you have the ability to reach our site?

If you’re organising an outdoor event, the likelihood is that the terrain could be tricky.

A muddy field, a steep hill – whatever the challenge, we’ll rise to it. We work with Trackway Solutions to create temporary roadways for equipment to safely reach its destination. Talk to them about arranging a free site survey.

Generator Power is an emergency call-out specialist, on hand to keep your event running smoothly and avoid any outage disasters – and to keep your reputation in one piece.

Find out more about our generator hire here. Or to discuss an upcoming project, give us a call on 0845 601 2187 or get in touch via our website.

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