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Getting Smart With: LPG Generators

In recent times it’s been popular to convert cars to run on LPG fuel. Conversions on larger capacity petrol engine vehicles in particular have seen an upsurge, as drivers look at ways to save money on fuel.

The website Money Super Market claims you can cut 40% off your motoring fuel bill simply by converting a vehicle to run on LPG fuel. In most cases the vehicle is converted to bi-fuel which means it can operate with either liquid petroleum gas or standard petrol, giving motorists a greater flexibility when it comes to fuelling and running their car.

LPG isn’t just available for cars though. This type of gas is now used to power generators and it’s one of the services we provide at Generator Power, for customers that want alternative fuel choices.

As well as providing diesel powered units, we also stock LPG powered generators, and can offer our customers a professional fuel-management service, topping up when necessary, to prevent power sources running dry.

Why Choose LPG Generators?

LPG is a good option if you are concerned about the environment, it produces fewer emissions than diesel generators – you are being kinder to the planet when you opt for this type of fuel supply.

Switch to LPG and you lower emissions, reduce your carbon footprint, and enhance your green credentials, you’re a kind person, helping to look after local ecology.

This is a leaner, greener type of fuel, and as a result it has these benefits:

  • Perfect for events where food is served
  • Ideal for emission-sensitive sites
  • Quieter units so less noise pollution

These are just of the benefits of LPG generators though, thanks to a lower rate of fuel duty on this type of gas, prices are much cheaper, which means you save money and have plenty of power to rely on.

Why aren’t more people using LPG Generators?

Possibly one of the main reasons a larger number of people haven’t switched to LPG generators is due to a lack of knowledge. Putting it simply, people aren’t as aware of LPG as there are of traditional fuels such as petrol or diesel.

This is a shame, as we at Generator Power in particular want to give our customers greener choices, and by offering LPG generators, we know we are taking a positive step in the right direction.

LPG is a gas, it’s less likely to be stolen on site and there’s no danger of messy fuel spills which so often happens with petrol or diesel powered plants.

It’s also an efficient fuel source, generators powered by the gas are quieter, their parts last longer, and there’s less chance of them breaking down, thus reducing the impact of downtime on site.

Plus we can supply and deliver your choice of LPG generator direct to any site in the UK, and we provide International hire to clients that are overseas.  What’s more, we think refuelling is simple, and we offer a reliable fuel-management service so you have no worries about your generator stopping when you rely on emergency power.

LPG in a nutshell

  • Cleaner
  • Quieter
  • Longer lasting
  • Easy to Refuel
  • Perfect for Emergency Power
  • Great for all Types of Events

Like the sound of LPG generators? Talk to us at Generator Power about our cleaner, greener, emergency power solutions. For more details contact us for an informal chat.

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