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Generator Power Plunges to New Depths

Working in temporary power, no two days are the same.

Each week there’s a fresh challenge, and every month we receive requests from customers for emergency power in the most unlikely circumstances. However, when we received a call from a Dutch submarine, we knew that we would be working on an interesting project.

We’ve faced a number of challenges over the years, and the chance to supply our equipment to a submarine has to be one of the most exciting. Never fazed, our emergency team offered a solution to our customer’s problems and supplied backup power for a submarine that was temporarily docked during a training mission.

The project required a non-standard voltage supply, and we managed this through the generator’s own electronic control panel. No mechanical changes were needed during the project and this left the engineers on board the submarine very impressed.

The generator was used to charge the submarine’s battery back-up power system, and we were very happy to see the looks of relief on our customers’ faces when it fired into life.

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