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Generator Hire for Festivals

When planning a festival (or any other outdoor event where you don’t have the benefit of a nearby plug socket), making sure you have a reliable temporary power supply in place is vital.

You won’t need us to tell you that with no power, there’s often no event. But if it’s your first time hiring generators for a festival, here are some of the things you’ll need to take into consideration.

What do you need to power?

While this may seem like an obvious question, when you’re in the midst of planning, it can be easy to overlook or forget somewhere.

Make a list of all the different areas you will need electricity for (such as stages, food and drink stands, security and first aid stations, and VIP areas) before you approach your chosen generator supplier.

Knowing exactly what you need to power will mean that not only will you receive a more accurate quote, but you’ll also be able to ensure availability earlier in the process so there won’t be any surprises later on if they can’t supply all the generators you need.

If you’re able to highlight everything that you need to power early on to your supplier, they will also be able to make you aware of any specialist or specific equipment you may need. For example, if you’re holding a food festival and the power source has to be placed close to preparation areas, you may want to consider hiring LPG generators instead of diesel.

Do you have the right generator supplier?


When it comes to planning a successful outdoor event, timescales are everything. You will need to establish key deadlines with your generator supplier, make sure that they are able to work around your timescales and have the flexibility to adapt to schedule changes you may have in the lead up to the festival.

Account management

Does your chosen generator hire company give you a dedicated account manager? It’s important when you’re organising the power supply for your festival that everything is correct, in place and as straightforward as possible. Having one point of contact who knows everything about your contract and can arrange everything for you will make the process much easier and reduce the chances of any details being missed.

Our sales engineers and account managers will take the time to get to know your project, advise on the size and number of generators (and ancillary equipment) you need, and arrange the delivery and installation on your behalf.

Project management

Following on from account management, you may want to find out if your generator supplier is also able to provide a project manager for your event.

Depending on your requirements, our sales engineers, service engineers and electricians are all available to attend site and oversee the delivery and installation of your generators (or we can install them for you). Our project managers can also stay onsite for the duration of the festival to monitor the generators and make sure they are running safely and efficiently.

Specialist vehicles

We have a fleet of specialist vehicles that allow us to get into and across even the most difficult sites. Our 4×4 HIABs are perfect for sites with poor ground conditions. So even if the heavens open and the ground around the festival site turns to mud, you’ll never need to worry about your generator not being delivered or collected on time.

Can you easily access the site?

Meticulously planning every aspect of your event won’t mean much if you can’t get onto the festival site to set up when it rains and ground conditions aren’t as easy to work with.

With our sister company, Trackway Solutions, we can make sure every generator (and every festival) is an accessible one. Whether you need to get heavy vehicles and equipment on site for stage construction, or you simply want to give your attendees an easier drive into the grass car park, our temporary roads will enable you to get from A to B without delay.

Visit the Trackway Solutions website to find out more about hiring temporary roadways for your event.


Generator Power are a specialist supplier with over 20 years’ experience in the rental, sale and installation of diesel generators.

We only use the very best Atlas Copco generators to make sure that you receive a robust and reliable generator every time. And with genuine 24/7 call out and a network of depots across the UK, we can keep the power flowing wherever and whenever you need us.

To find out more about our generator hire services, or to discuss your requirements for an upcoming event, give us a call on 0845 601 2187 or get in touch via the website and a member of the team will be happy to help.

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