False Facts About Diesel Generators That Everyone Thinks Are True
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False Facts About Diesel Generators That Everyone Thinks Are True

As one of the UK’s leading providers of power hire solutions, we’ve heard just about every single fact about diesel generators you could imagine. Some facts are true, others are totally wide of the mark, to clear up any misconceptions you might have about generators, we thought we’d cover the most misguided facts and natural assumptions people make about portable power.

1. They’re unreliable

This is going to come as a bit of a shock to anyone who thinks diesel generators break down frequently, splutter to start, or need frequent call outs to repair damaged or faulty parts. Any generator hire firm who takes customer care seriously will retire their models early, when they still have low mileages, so customers are only given the latest specification, super-efficient versions. This is something we endorse and encourage at Generator Power.

2. They pollute the environment

You’re a little out of date if you think diesel generators are smelly, smoky and pump toxic gases into the atmosphere. LPG models are designed to be kinder to the environment, not only are they efficient, they’re predictable, economical and provide cleaner emissions, whilst still delivering a reliable power output.

There are also plenty of generator models that use Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) which is a biodiesel created from used vegetable oil. Being synthesised from hydrotreated vegetable oils, net CO2 is reduced by 90% as well as nitrogen oxide, particulate matter and carbon monoxide. When burned HVO produces much cleaner air than traditional diesel because its free from aromatics, sulphur and metals and also provides a much more efficient burn.

Long gone are the days when generators smoked away on site.

3. They’re noisy

Sorry to disappoint you but modern diesel generators are super-quiet as well. Hire a diesel or an LPG powered generator and the last thing you have to worry about is noise pollution on site. Run our state-of-the-art generators and they work in harmony with your setting, offering tons of power, with none of the noise.

4. They take up tons of space

You’d be surprised at just how compact modern generators are. Hire them and not only are they easy to move and transport, they have a relatively small footprint, so they take up less room on site. Plus you can choose multi-megawatt hire packages that synchronise a number of 1MW generators and provide stacks of power, without the need for monstrous equipment.

The only facts you need about diesel generators is they are designed to be efficient, reduce running costs, prevent pollution and provide ample power on site, especially when they are hired from us here at Generator Power.

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