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Expect These Three Things From Your Emergency Power Provider

Without blowing our own trumpet we like to think we’re rather good at providing emergency solutions at Generator Power. Our rapid response units will deploy and have generators delivered in the blink of an eye, it’s what we do and we’re very passionate about our business and our customer service levels.

As a customer, quite rightly, you expect a number of things when you need emergency power fast. The three factors outlined below are a pretty good starting point.

1. 24/7 response

Ring for help in an emergency and you don’t expect to be put through to an answering machine. Prompts to ‘Leave a message after the bleep’ don’t quite cut the mustard when you require emergency power, at this time you want to hear a reassuring voice telling you a generator is on its way to you. Power response teams should be ready to help 24/7. Putting is bluntly, you never know when you might face a crisis situation.

2. Ready to roll transport solutions

Call an emergency power supply company in a blind state of panic and you don’t want to hear, “We’ll ring you back when we have located a generator”, you want peace of mind knowing the wheels on the truck are rolling straight away. Vehicle-mounted generators are perfect in this type of scenario, one call is all it takes to have them speeding their way to you.

3. Choice of options

When power goes down you want the ideal emergency package solution for your particular requirements whether that’s a standard type of generator or a multi-megawatt option.  When the chips are down and you are in the middle of a total blackout you want reassurances that your emergency power supply company has a solution tailored to your needs, so you get you back on track in hardly any time.

Make a note of these three factors. When you call a company for emergency power insist on this or simply ring our team at Generator Power and you won’t have anything to worry about.

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