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The Benefits of Generator Operated Mobile Welfare Units

Mobile welfare units provide warmth and shelter for construction workers, they’re compact, easily towed to site and are normally powered by diesel generators. Take a welfare unit to site with you and it has a number of benefits, some of which are listed here.

Warmth when you want

On a cold winter’s day you’ll be glad you have a welfare unit to retreat to where you can take a break from the elements. Thanks to the generator, the unit can be powered by electric which means you can turn on the heater and warm up in next to no time.

A place to prepare meals

Getting hungry on site? Take time out in a welfare cabin and use the kitchen microwave to prepare a hot meal. The generator within the unit is more than powerful enough to provide electric for the welfare area, which means you can operate the microwave oven whenever you like and even pop the kettle on for a brew.

Toilet facilities

Spend a penny whenever you feel the need, with a welfare unit you’ll never get caught short again. Most of the units have recirculating toilet facilities and they come equipped with handy wash basins, so you can easily clean your hands afterwards.

Drying rooms

There’s nothing worse than working outside in damp or soggy clothing. If you get hit by a downpour, use the warm room in the welfare unit to dry clothing out, this is normally where the generator is housed and it usually has a few coat hooks fixed to the wall.

Seating areas

Work on a construction site and there’s a real sense of relief when you can finally put your feet up and take a well-deserved break.  The best place to do this is within the confines of a welfare unit where it’s lovely and warm and there are fabulous facilities to use. Enjoy the comfort of a cabin powered by a diesel generator and you’ll never want to get back to work!

Generators and welfare units are a match made in heaven. If you want to hire portable power units for any type of site task, contact us here at Generator Power for the best possible deals.


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